​​London 12-year-old, Earns $5 Million from NFTs

At the age of five, Benyamin Ahmed learned to code from his father and loved it so much that he kept practising. Now, he’s earned $5 Million from NFTs Fast forward…

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LGBTQ+ Art Sector Stars To Be Championed In Crowdfunded Exhibition

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The Importance of Diversity in the Tech Industry

The tech industry contributes around £200 billion annually to the economy, making it a key part in sustaining the wealth of countries.

3 Must have Anki add-ons: Your guide to an efficient learning set up.

Anki. Used by med students and now becoming increasingly more and more popular with college students as the best way to create, maintain and revise content. Now Anki has what I like to call a marmite effect, where some people fall in love with it while others can’t get it to work for them but hopefully after this article you have put some add ons on your Anki account to make your experience smooth and simple.

AMD vs Intel, which processor is right for you?

This pandemic has seen a boost in some markets but nothing comes close to the PC parts boom of 2020. Everyone has been stuck at home and it has never been a better time to get into PC building or gaming.