Apple Event 2021: Latest Products You Need to Know About


Apple Event 2021: Latest Products You Need to Know About

by Chapter Z Editorial

Apple had their first big spring event of 2021 last week and it was a showstopper to say the least. Apple has long been at the forefront of the US tech development scene, if not always in its tech development then definitely in its ubiquity. The tech giant has sold over 1.5 billion iPhones since the product’s debut in 2007 and they account for around 87% of global smartphone profits. And that’s just one product line.

Hence the excitement around their product release events every year. While many critique the brand as overpriced and a shadow of its past premiership in tech innovation, Apple is still the most popular consumer tech brand in the world for products such as smartphones and tablets. Each year they try to step up their game and introduce some new products to get the fan(theys) salivating and turn the heads of Android-worshipers. 

So what has Tim Cook and his crack team whipped up for us all this year? We’re delving into the biggest new releases and giving the tea on whether they are worth the money (spoiler, it’s Apple, so debatably always no).

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1. AirTags are the biggest gag

Perhaps the most exciting piece of tech to come out of the event, owing to the fact that it’s an entirely new product for Apple. Similar to the pre-exisiting Tile, AirTags are tracking lozenges that can be attached to anything you own to enable you to track them down. They’re cool pieces of kit that enable you to track items down to the nearest few centimetres using bluetooth, as well as being kitted out with an internal speaker to play a one-sided game of Marco Polo until you find it.

Powered by a watch battery that keeps them alive for a whole year, AirTags are water resistant and can be kept in a selection of aesthetically pleasing straps. Now, we love a luxury accessory, but the Hermes edition of the tag is priced at an eye watering £299. We’re not so sure we’ll be splashing the cash on that just yet, but the AirTags themselves seem to be a good investment.

Price: £29 for 1, or £99 for 4

Available from: 30th April 2021

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2. iMacs are the new black

Now, I must admit I’m a bit of a sucker for colourful hardware. These new iMacs are gorgeous. They’ve received a lot of flack online by people protesting that they are too gaudy and too much like the old iMac G3. But they are a sleek redesign of the desktop staple that will no doubt be very popular among those who require video editing and creative production softwares in their careers, as this is a long-overdue update.

Featuring Apple’s new M1 chip, it’s a powerful computer that will no doubt become the new staple for those who need that kind of power for work. Coming in at the thinnest screen of an iMac yet, this latest instalment is only 11.5mm thin. They’re just showing off now. Coming in 7 different colours, this is an exciting new addition to the iMac family.

Price: from £1,249.00

Available from: Order from 30th April 2021, available late May

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3. iPhone 12 – what rhymes with purple?

Not really much to say here other than…I want one and I don’t know why. It seems that Apple just wanted to remind us that their iPhone 12 exists. And it now exists in purple. Cool.

Price: still from £799

Available from: now

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4. iPad Pro just got even more professional

Apple have been flaunting their new, super-powerful M1 chip all over the shop and now they have finally brought it to the iPad. For those of us that use iPads for video and other editing software, this will make a big difference. Gamers will also appreciate the upgraded rendering capabilities and the new Liquid Retina display. The rest of us can just appreciate that it won’t crash when we forget to close all of our apps.

Apple has been angling for the iPad to become a viable replacement for laptops as and when they can be. While iPad OS still has limitations that a laptop doesn’t, it seems that this is a step closer to being what we need from Apple to be our primary driver. If you want to know more about Macs, PCs and tablets, then check out our Tech Chapter.

All in all, it seems that Apple have covered both the practical and aesthetic aspects of what their customers want with their new releases. With new colours for products turning the Apple website into a bird’s eye view of a Pride parade, we shall have to wait and see from the quarterly figures whether there are enough magpies out their to part with their cash. We at Chapter Z vote that the AirTags are the best development of this event, as they are truly useful. If y’all are scatterbrains then AirTags will save your life – although Tiles could also do the same…