LGBTQ+ Art Sector Stars To Be Championed In Crowdfunded Exhibition

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LGBTQ+ Art Sector Stars To Be Championed In Crowdfunded Exhibition

by Chapter Z Editorial

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London-based studio, The Paint Don’t Dry, yesterday launched a crowdfunding campaign to support an exhibition that seeks to champion the work of LGBTQ+ artists.

The Paint Don’t Dry was founded by Courtney Ellis, a London-based illustration artist that specialises in beautiful LGBTQ+ portraits among other emotive, monochromatic drawings. The campaign is hoping to raise £14,000 for a special exhibition that will focus solely on the work of queer artists.

Yet to be named, the exhibition is to be held in the summer of 2021. Courtney’s vision for the film lies in it being closer to a festival than a traditional exhibition. Media to be exhibited include videography, art prints and more – all to be accompanied by live music and DJs to create a well-rounded experience.

The crowd-funding campaign will be ending on the 9th May. Money raised will go towards supporting the artists to be involved in the exhibition. The initial research and preparation stages are essential to help them produce new artwork and so funds are highly important. Following a tough year, for all of us but artists in particular, this crowd funder is a ray of light in this time. Materials, production & publicity for the event will also be covered in these costs.

Ellis speaks on the project: “I started The Paint Don’t Dry to have a platform for my creative outlets and illustrations. I soon realised how great it would be if it could help other artists like myself build a career from doing what they love. 

“Being part of the LGBTQ community and seeing how underrepresented we are in media and parts of the art world, I thought it would be amazing if this platform could push these minority groups into the main light and provide artwork that is relatable to others struggling to find work to identify with.”

Check out the link HERE to show find out more and donate. You can also find art prints and streetwear clothing at The Paint Don’t Dry website.

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