PS Plus November 2021: Expectations and Reality

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PS Plus November 2021: Expectations and Reality


PlayStation Plus November titles have been leaked and we have a run down of the games we’re most excited about.


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Image via: Sony Interactive Media

The PlayStation Plus games collection of October 2021 was a bit disappointing for some of the PlayStation fans. But as we are looking forward to the reveal for PS Plus November 2021 games,  it seems that Sony is already shaping up to be very different for their avid PlayStation fans.

Although we are still a few weeks away from Sony revealing the free PS plus titles for November 2021. But we have the line-up ahead of the official announcement due to a leak.

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, Sony will be looking to keep PlayStation Plus subscribers engaged so that they re-subscribe into the New Year. We’ll be sharing the latest rumours and speculation regarding the service. What are PS Plus games in November 2021 for PS5 and PS4? When will the November 2021 PS Plus games be announced and everything that you should know?


When will PS4, PS5 games for November 2021 Be Officially Announced?

ps plus november
Image via: Sony Interactive Media                                         

The latest PS Plus games are disclosed on the last Wednesday of the month. It means you can expect the November 2021 games to be announced officially on 27th October 2021. The line-up time is around 4:30 pm UK time. Here are the different time zones for your reference: 

  • North America: 8:30 HAP / 9:30 HAR / 10:30 HAC / 11:30 HAE
  • United Kingdom / AIRY: 16:30 GMT
  • Europe : 17:30 CST / 18:30 CST
  • Asia / Oceania: 00:30 JST / 23:30 AOT / 02:30 HNE

 Also, new PS Plus games are usually available for download on the first Tuesday of the month. So, from 2nd November 2021, you can download these new games.


PS Plus November 2021 Games

ps plus november
Image via: Sony Interactive Media

The official announcement for the November 2021 games will be around 27th October 2021. However, Sony has already confirmed it will be including three bonus PlayStation Virtual Reality games in the line-up. Unfortunately, Sony does not reveal which games are involved. 


The reason for these three bonus titles is to celebrate the headset’s 5th anniversary. However, with the three bonus games, we should get a total of six free games in November 2021 and even without the VR, there is still hope to get some benefits, as it’s still unclear if the games are only playable with VR. A good example is the game Resident Evil 7, which you can play with or without VR.


How to get PS Plus games for free?

ps plus november
Image via: Sony Interactive Media

If you are a PS Plus member, then you can get PS plus games for free! If you haven’t bought the PS plus membership of the PlayStation yet, then you should go and buy the subscription, as the PS plus subscription is worth every penny. You can play the games without the PS plus membership as well, but the fun with the PS plus membership is incomparable. 

Why is the PS Plus membership worth buying?


  • With the PS plus membership, you get exclusive discounts on the PS store. You can get a huge discount on some of the games if you have a PS Plus membership. 
  • The next one is, you can play most of the games online with your friends. This is one of the main benefits of PS plus membership as you can play online games with your friends. Plus, you can team up and play against other teams. 
  • The other most important thing is you get two high-rated games every month until you have your subscription. Now, the only way to acquire these two games is if you have a PS Plus membership. So you can store these games as long as you have a PS Plus membership. 

All of these games cost around $40 to $60 and once your membership expires, you will not be able to play them. Although, once you renew your membership, you can start playing these games again.


How to get free PS Plus Games?

Fans can get up to two free games per month in your PS plus membership. Let us show you how you can get these two games or any PS plus exclusive games you like for free.

  • Log into your PS plus account on the PlayStation. Once you’ve done this, open the PlayStation store.
  • Here you will see what free games are currently available for this month. 
  • Now press on download, and your download will automatically begin. You can see the games in your downloads section in notifications.

In the next month, the games will change. So if you like the game, you can download it but if you want to play it in the coming months, add it to the library because once the month is over, those two free games will get removed. However if you add them to your library, they will not get removed, as long as you have the PlayStation Plus membership.


What Games are Currently Available on PlayStation Plus?

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Image via: Sony Interactive Media

Here are the games currently available on PS Plus as part of the October free game series:

  • Hell Let Loose (PS5)
  • Mortal Kombat X (PS4)
  • PGA Tour 2K21 (PS4)

All of these games will be available until 2nd November 2021.

Most Played virtual reality games on the PlayStation

ps plus november
Image via: Sony Interactive Media

Though it is seen that many players are not big fans of PSVR games. However, here are some of the most played PlayStation virtual reality games by players who liked them.

  • Rec Room
  • Beat Saber
  • PlayStation VR Worlds
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
ps plus november
Image via: Sony Interactive Media

Within a couple of days, updated PS5 and PS4 games will be announced. So, are you excited about it? Which games do you want to play? 

Keep your hopes and expectations high as you never know they might get fulfilled. 

Do let us know your favourite PSVR titles and the titles you want to be a part of next month. Until then, check out Call of Duty: Vanguard – Everything you need to know and Apex Legends Season 10: Best Legends in the Game.

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