DOTA 2: 7.30 Update – Best Mid Lane Heroes right now!

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DOTA 2: 7.30 Update – Best Mid Lane Heroes right now!

Dota 2’s Patch 7.30 came out on August 17. Patches for Dota 2 don’t come around very often, so when one does, there’s generally a lot of new material to check out.

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Valve generally avoids making major modifications before The International. The recently released Dota 2 7.30 update is no exception, with a slew of hero balance tweaks and new items that will shake up the meta and will give the fans an exciting International.

In this article, we will go through some of the major gameplay changes and the item tweaks that Icefrog has decided to bestow upon us before the event with the biggest esports prize pool takes place.

Item changes and balances

Buried in the Dota 2 patch 7.30 notes, are a variety of new neutral items along with changes to the existing items. To avoid being trapped with an old build during your first match in the new meta, make sure to update your in-game instructions and read over all of the item changes.

Previously, a team member would have to trail behind the others’ pick rate to pick up a Neutral Item they desired. Now the neutral creeps will drop five Neutral Items per tier, which will add variation to the early game and allow all team members to receive Neutral Items from the first tier.

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Aghanim’s Shard Changes for lots of heroes

Valve decided to make the item a valuable pick-up for most of the heroes, but a change for the abilities being offered with the shard was put into the game this patch. The heroes with changes to the shard are mentioned below.


  • Shadow Fiend
  • Chen
  • Axe
  • Gyrocopter
  • Meepo
  • Monkey King
  • Naga Siren
  • Anti-Mage
  • Spectre
  • Windranger
  • Undying
  • Tusk
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Killing Roshan the second time will not drop Cheese

One of the map’s main objectives is to kill the first Roshan, and both sides usually succeed sooner rather than later. After the first time, taking down Roshan gets more profitable because heroes will be rewarded with more stuff for their efforts.

With Cheese gone, pushing the high ground will be more difficult, and defending teams will have more time to recuperate and mount a comeback. This might also affect how the teams are drafted, as teams will pick heroes that scale better without the aegis and cheese pickups.

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1. Tinker

Tinker, one of DOTA 2’s most challenging yet enjoyable heroes to play, received a slew of upgrades in the most recent update. In addition to having the ability to teleport to ally units, he also gains a new ability.

Rushing Boots of Travel as mid-Tinker used to be the bread and butter. Now with the addition of Keen Conveyance to the Tinker’s abilities, Tinker can rush for the early Blink Dagger instead of the boots.

This allows Tinker to start snowballing the game earlier than usual and will probably help improve the hero’s dismal pick-rate in public games.

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2. Silencer

Silencer’s Talent Tree has been altered in several ways, including a bonus to his Arcane Curse ability. Although Silencer’s strength increase was severely reduced, the hero’s total upgrades make him one of the most powerful mid-laners in the current DOTA 2 meta.

Silencer’s ultimate also enables him to silence everyone on the enemy team globally. With Glaives of wisdom dishing out heavy damage and the abilities being fairly easy to use, Silencer is one of the easiest heroes to master at an early stage, making it fun and exciting for the new players.

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3. Batrider

Batrider was one of the least drafted heroes in the previous DOTA 2 meta. Even though Batrider is still one of the most annoying heroes to lane against, it didn’t scale well after the laning stage.

Batrider now has a considerably stronger laning stage than he had before, because of the increased damage stacks supplied to Sticky Napalm. Furthermore, the hero can make extensive use of the Water Runes to achieve additional lane sustainability.

The hero also has a spell immunity-piercing disable which can be handy in initiating ganks and securing team fights. Considering all of the above, Batrider without a doubt is one of the strongest mid-lane heroes in the current Dota 2 meta.

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4. Sniper

Sniper has made a triumphant comeback to the in-game meta, thanks to Shrapnel’s latest buff in the 7.30 update. 

Take Aim’s performance in DOTA 2 has also improved as a result of the balancing tweaks. Aside from all of this, the hero’s Assassinate ability allows him to administer a fatal blow to a fleeing foe.

With the entire focus on just right-clicking from a distance, Sniper is one of the simplest heroes to pick and play. It has to be taken into account that despite being a squishy hero, easy to kill, that is, Sniper, deals some of the highest and fastest amounts of damage if played right.

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5. Lina

After the changes to the DOTA 2 rune mechanics, Lina was able to reclaim her place in the mid-lane. Lina has always been one of the finest snowballing heroes in DOTA 2, with a powerful arsenal of magic damage bursts.

The hero also has an Area-of-Effect disable that may be used in conjunction with other heroes. Lina’s Mana constraint during the early and mid-game stages was, nevertheless, one of her main flaws. With most of the mana issues being dealt with in this patch, Lina is a viable mid hero now.

If you want to climb up the ranks during the first few weeks of the new patch, you’ll have to adjust to the new meta faster than other players.

Most players will stick to their old habits, and it will take time for them to shift, whilst those reading this article will be aware of the recent changes and will change the direction of the winds in their favour. 

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