The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide: How to Play Pokémon Unite

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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide: How to Play Pokémon Unite

Check out Chapter Z’s guide to Pokémon Unite, designed to help beginners navigate the world, raise the best starters and set them up for the best gaming experience.

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Pokémon Unite, which is available to play on the Nintendo Switch platform has created a buzz around the community since its release. The free-to-play MOBA will also be coming out on mobile phones in September this year.

The game begins with five players against another team of five players that can choose different types of Pokémon based on their strength and abilities. 

Our beginner’s guide will help you with everything in the game from the best starters in the game to help you choose your build and understand the map.

1. Choosing your Pokémon and Reviewing abilities


Once you have completed the tutorials, you will receive a Unite License for unlocking a Pokémon. All the players will be given five options to choose from. It is really important that you unlock a balanced Pokémon based on his abilities and strength.

  • Pikachu is preferred in long-range attacks to overcome the enemies in the game. His ability includes a Static attack which paralyzes the opponent whenever he is attacked.


  • Talonflame is a fast Pokémon that can roam around freely on the map without being caught. Due to his abilities, he can travel anywhere near a gank and assist his allies to take down the enemy team.


  • Eldegoss is a support Pokémon who aims to indulge in long-range fights and restores health to his teammates. Surviving throughout the game and playing passively is one of the important aspects of this support character.


  • Charizard can be used in both close as well as long-range fights in the game. His damage output and abilities are exceptional making him a perfect fit for players starting out the game.


  • Snorlax is a well-built and powerful Pokémon that leads his team to fights and makes sure his team comes out on the top.
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2. Balanced Teams

Image via Pokémon Unite’s YouTube

In the beginning, a lot of players tend to pick their favourite Pokémon without seeing the team formation and roles. However, the Battle Type system describes the strength and weaknesses of all the Pokémon characters.

To excel in the game, players need to form a balanced team with all types of characters according to the Pokémon Unite’s Battle Type system. 


There are five Battle Types in Pokémon Unite:


  • Attacker
  • Defender
  • Support
  • Speedster
  • All-Rounder


All of the above types have different roles to play in the game, and having a good team composition helps the players in understanding the game much more quickly.

3. Understanding the map


After you’ve completed a perfect lineup for your team, you need to understand the map you will be playing on. All the matches are played in the same location, Remoat Stadium

The map consists of three lanes – top, middle, and bottom. All these lanes have different opportunities and tasks in the game. 

The top and bottom lanes have the goals for scoring opportunities and at the end of each team’s lanes, you will find a fruit that can recover a lot of health when grabbed.

Different lanes are suitable for all the Pokémon characters, you can go to the Battle Prep screen to learn which map path you can take for a dominating performance in the game with your character.

All the attackers and defenders are suited for playing in the top lane, all-rounders are a great choice to play at the bottom of the map. Speedsters can roam freely around the map and assist their allies only when needed in a fight.

Image via The Pokémon Company

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