Astrology for the Month of August: “Manifesting Magic”

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Astrology for the month of August

8th of August – New Moon in Leo 

The sun and moon are side by side having a cosmic rendezvous in the sky tonight. Ooh la la! This new moon is in the bold, courageous cosmic zodiac sign of Leo. With every new moon we are ushering in new beginnings. Have fun with this new moon and get playful with calling in what you want. Stuck on what to manifest?

Some good prompts are: Where can I incorporate more play and pleasure in my life? What’s holding me back from living as the main character in this new chapter? This new moon brings a burst of creativity and new ideas so pay attention to what comes up. Tonight the moon disappears from the night sky and creates a blank canvas for us to start painting on, so get colourful with your wants and wishes.

8th of August – Lions Gate Portal

Talk about a cosmic alignment! On the 8th day of the 8th month of the year not only do we have a New Moon but it is also the Lions Gate portal. What is the Lions Gate portal you may ask, it is an annual cosmic event where the second brightest star in the sky “Sirius” aligns with planet earth and creates a gateway between the spiritual and physical realms. Look out for the star over the eastern horizon.

With the new moon and lions gate portal falling on the same day this year manifestations will be supercharged. This portal is open for several days before and after the official (08/08) date for anyone looking to manifest some magic! The numerology around the number 8 is infinity, abundance and luck. So if you’re going to speak anything into reality do it today!

11th of August – Mercury in Virgo 

The planet of communication enters our detail orientated Virgo. You may find you have a new found mental clarity to have conversations around subjects that previously would have had you tongue tied.  But be careful that you aren’t too direct or harsh with letting others know what you really think, Virgo can at moments be the perfectionist with high standards and we don’t want to be too abrasive.

August 16 – Venus in Libra 

Venus, the planet that rules love, beauty and money is in Libra (one of its home signs) so we are feeling balanced and in harmony. Honour the day by treating yourself like the God/Goddess you are, whether it’s buying a new lipstick, blasting Lana Del Rey around the house or buying yourself a bunch of flowers. Adorn yourself and your space, flirt with yourself in the mirror and fall in love with yourself all over again.

19th of August – Uranus Retrograde in Taurus 

Uranus, our innovative rule breaking planet, starts it’s retrograde in Taurus until January 2022. And as a collective we need this retrograde big time, Uranus has been flipping tables and throwing curve balls at us all year! Use this time to find your feet again after all the challenging changes this year has thrown at us.

22nd of August – Full Blue Moon in Aquarius

Back again we have a second Full Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is known as the independent free thinker, here to set trends not follow them. This full moon gives us the opportunity to close the chapter on themes that were played out during the first full moon around the 23rd of July. If you haven’t embraced your inner weirdo now is as good a time as any to do so. Let that freak flag fly! How else will you find your people and community if you’re still hiding behind that mask?

22nd August – Sun enters Virgo

The sun bids farewell to Leo season and enters the detailed orientated sign of Virgo. It’s time to get practical and clean up any messes made in the last few weeks. Summer is wrapping up and we feel a shift of energy towards settling down and getting focused. After strutting our way through Leo season, Virgo season is here to make sure we haven’t forgotten how to adult. So get ready to grow up and get serious about what you want to accomplish before the end of 2021.

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