Finding Joy in Activism

Find the balance between finding joy in activism and fighting for the things you believe in. Any activist, or anyone who cares about societal issues, will know how draining it…

Remembering Toni Morrison 2 years after her death

With August 2021 marking the 2 year anniversary of Toni Morrison’s death, we take a look back on her life, career, and long-lasting legacy.

How Generation Z Inherited Global Warming

Generation Z has inherited a world that has been abused by industry and other pollutive systems. Read to find out what we can do.

The Women of Netflix’s Young Royals

Young Royals on Netflix has some refreshing depictions of teenage womanhood and we’re going to delve into why you should find out yourself.

Earth Day: Why Sustainable Food Production Should be a COP26 Priority

Now the UK is responsible for hosting the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, they should prioritise sustainable food production.

There’s No Place Like Hollywood – If You’re A Straight, White Man

“More people have been killed by Labradors than women nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards.” Read as Annabel Swan reads the state of diversity in Hollywood…to filth!

Maddy Storm On Her New Single and Female Representation In Music

Chapter Z sits down with Maddy Storm to talk about her latest single, ‘Surrealist Dinner Party’ and female representation in the music industry.