Stony: In Conversation With Chapter Z

An interview with award-winning artist Stony: Capturing Illness on Canvas   From Venice and Miami to being featured in The Lourve, Stony has debuted his art across the globe. The 57-year-old’s work…

Online Dating and Accessibility for the Disabled and LGBTQ+ Community

Recent research by Stanford University has shown that online dating is considered one of the most popular ways to meet a new partner, and many people even use internet dating as a…

Disabled Adults in the UK are 5 Times More Likely to Experience Food Poverty

In new data released this week, it’s been reported that disabled people are five times more likely to experience food poverty than those not living with a disability. In a…

The Politics of Age in the Disabled Community

A 20 year-old born with their condition may have seniority in the community over someone who is 35 but became disabled at age 30.

Keith Paris: The Icy Amputee

Chapter Z speaks to the Icy Amputee Warrior about all things, beauty, self-love and home.