Confederate Statue at U.S Capitol to be Replaced

Statue depicting Black educator Mary McLeod Bethune will replace the Confederate statue at U.S Capitol The statue of Mary McLeod Bethune was displayed last week in the U.S. Capitol. She’s…

Afrofuturism: A brief history

But what exactly is Afrofuturism? Afrofuturism is a term that, despite being a key phrase from one of 2018s most popular films, still hasn’t quite entered the public consciousness. So, let’s…

Introducing: Singer-songwriter duo MVM

MVM are the Neo-soul and electronic singer-songwriter duo who this week make their single debut with sultry track, ‘No hesitation.’ MVM consists of songstresses Mutsa Mupita and Ruvimbo Kuuzabuwe, who…

Young, Black & In Tech: Toni Ojo

Ever wondered how to break into tech? We sit down with UX/UI Designer Toni Ojo to find out more about her journey into the tech industry.

Young, Black & In STEM: Kemi Oloyede

We sit down with Scientist and Digital Creator, Kemi Oloyede to find out more about their journey into STEM and about their art.

Young, Black & In Tech: Precious Mayowa Agbabiaka

We sit down with UX/UI Designer, Precious Mayowa Agbabiaka to find out more about her journey into the tech industry.

Young, Black & In Tech: Rore Okoh

We sit down with Product Marketing Specialist, Rore Okoh to find out more about her journey into the tech industry.

We Here – An Exploration of Black Queer Masculinity

Our Editor-in-Chief, Rachel Ayeh-Datey sits down with producer Rachel Ishmael to find out more about the inspiration for her latest project, We Here!

Modern Love & Chronic Singledom

According to a study compiled by the office of National statistics “Around 7 in 10 of the lesbian, gay or bisexual population are single and have never married or registered a civil partnership”. I am one of those 7 out of 10 people who have never settled down, in this piece I explore how past relationships may have impacted my future choices and explore the argument of why people align single life with unhappiness in our LGBTQ+ community.

Can the Alt-Underground Scene Conquer COVID?

Henry Tolley interviews members of the alternative queer scene to discuss how the queer nightlife community can overcome the pandemic.