Perfeggt looks like it’s going to produce the world’s most popular vegan egg alternative

Perfeggt announced that it has recently closed its first round of funding at 2.5 million Euros. The food tech company was backed by prominent AgriFood Financial investors that include EVIG…

UK Online Safety Bill Means Tighter Rules

    The Palace of Westminster, which houses the Parliament of the United Kingdom. (Jorge Láscar,; CC BY-SA 2.0,   The end of dark humour. With the new…

Smartphones in 2050: What Will the Future Look Like?

Smartphones are ubiquitous pieces of technology; but what will they look like in 30 years time and will we still use them?

World’s First Animal-Machine Hybrids Start to Reproduce

Recreation of the first living robots: Four US scientists have discovered the reproduction of a new life form – a robotic reproduction – through their research.

NFT Accidentally Sold for $3,000 Instead of $300,000

An NFT holder, due to a ‘fat finger’ error, sold their NFT for ~$3,000— about $297k less than they are worth.

UK Phasing Out 2G and 3G by 2033

The UK to stop supporting 2G and 3G networks by the end of the decade in a bold move to streamline services.

Myanmar Rohingyas Sue Facebook for $150 billion over Hate Speech

Rohingyas are seeking $150 billion in damages, claiming that the social media behemoth encouraged violence against the oppressed minority. 

Top Tech Deals You Should Check Out This Black Friday

Our list of top deals you need to check out to get the hottest tech available this Black Friday without breaking the bank!