UK Judge Orders Dubai Ruler To Pay Wife $733 million in Settlement

Dubai ruler and United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has been ruled by a U.K. court to pay his ex-wife.

Mariah Carey Takes Over London TfL Intercom

Mariah Carey has teamed up with Amazon Music and TfL to tell you to ‘stay behind the yellow line’ in select stations this Christmas!

Best Face Moisturisers for this Winter

Brrr. It’s that time of the year again. Dark night and mornings. Frosty pavements. And dry skin. It affects us all and we’re here to help!

Spielberg Insists On Casting From Latin American Community for West Side Story

Steven Spielberg’s 2021 production of West Side Story has been hailed as an authentic retelling of the famed story.

Remembering Virgil Abloh’s Most Iconic Moments

Fashion mastermind, renowned for the creating of high fashion streetwear and Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, has many iconic moments.

Zendaya and Tom Holland Make First Red Carpet Appearance as a Couple

Zendaya and Tom Holland have made their debut red carpet appearance as a couple, following rumours circulating that they were an item.

Green-eyed Afghan Girl From Steve McCurry’s Photograph Finds Safety in Italy

The famous emerald eyed ‘Afghan Girl’ who‘s 1985 portrait plastered National Geographic, is evacuated to Italy following Taliban takeover.

Best Products On the Market for Curly/Kinky Hair

I narrowed down the best shampoos, pre-poos and hair masks and more. Lets grow your hair collection and quench those curls!

Reviews of the Irun Didi Collections by Kai Collective

Our review of the new ‘Irun Didi’ collection from Kai Collective. Read as we dive into this collection infused with Nigerian culture.