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The Razzie Awards 2024: A Night Of Playful Mockery And Unexpected Twists

The Razzie Awards 2024 took place on March 9, 2024, and the event was held in Los Angeles, California, USA. The Razzie Awards, or the Golden Raspberry Awards, have long stood as a tongue-in-cheek response to the seriousness of award season, particularly the Oscars. In 2024, the Razzies continued their tradition of “honoring” the worst of cinema with a ceremony that was as much about entertainment as it was about critique.

The 44th Razzie Awards kicked off with a sense of humor and self-awareness. Founded in 1981 by UCLA film graduates and industry professionals, the Razzies have always served as a playful roast of Hollywood‘s less-than-stellar cinematic achievements.

The event was marked by a lively atmosphere, with presenters and attendees alike embracing the spirit of the occasion. The opening ceremony set the tone for the evening, with humorous jabs at the films and performances being “celebrated.”


Winnie the Pooh Wins Big Sweeping 5 Categories Nominated For 


“Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” was the unexpected star of the night, sweeping five categories, including worst picture and worst director. The film, which reimagined the classic children’s characters as serial killers, sparked conversations about the creative liberties taken once copyrights expire.


Sylvester Stallone and Megan Fox were among the “winners,” with Stallone picking up Worst Supporting Actor for “Expendables” and Fox securing both Worst Actress and Worst Supporting Actress for her roles in “Johnny & Clyde” and “Expendables,” respectively.

While the Razzies do not typically feature performances in the same way other award shows do, the acceptance speeches often provide memorable moments. This year, the speeches were filled with self-deprecating humor and witty comebacks, as recipients poked fun at themselves and their films.

A highlight of the evening was the Razzie Redeemer Award, given to a past nominee who has shown significant improvement. This year, it was awarded to SAG/AFTRA President Fran Drescher for her leadership during the actors’ guild strike, showcasing the Razzies’ ability to also celebrate positive achievements.


The Full Winners List

Worst picture: Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey
Worst actor: Jon Voight, Mercy
Worst actress: Megan Fox, Johnny and Clyde
Supporting actress: Megan Fox, Expendables
Supporting actor: Sylvester Stallone, Expendables
Worst on-screen couple: Pooh & Piglet, Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey
Worst remake, rip-off, or sequel: Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey
Worst director: Rhys Frake-Waterfield, Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey
Worst screenplay: Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey
Redeemer award: Fran Drescher


The Razzie Awards 2024 were an event that reminded us of the importance of humour in the face of criticism. It celebrated the missteps of the film industry while also acknowledging that there is always room for redemption and improvement. As the curtain closed on another year of the Razzies, it left us with laughter and a reminder that even in failure, there can be a silver lining.


By: Rowland Obiosah


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