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Pops Most Anticipated Albums of 2024

As the music industry gears up for another exciting year, anticipation is high for the release of several highly anticipated pop albums in 2024. From established icons to emerging talents, each artist brings their unique flair and creativity to the table, promising an electrifying musical journey for fans worldwide. Let’s explore the most anticipated pop albums of the year and what makes them stand out in the ever-evolving landscape of popular music.

5. Lorde – TBC


Lorde, The Rolling Stone


In the realm of musical mysteries, Lorde‘s upcoming fourth album stands as a captivating enigma. With a rare Instagram update, the elusive artist hinted at the emergence of her next musical chapter, sparking speculation among eager fans. Despite cautioning against premature excitement, Lorde’s mention of new material has ignited anticipation within the music community. Known for her introspection and privacy, her social media update signals the significance of this upcoming endeavor, especially following the acclaimed success of her previous albums. Fans eagerly await the unveiling of what promises to be another transformative chapter in Lorde’s illustrious career.


4. Sia – Reasonable Woman


Sia, The Rolling Stone


Sia, the iconic pop sensation, has set the stage for her highly anticipated 10th studio album, “Reasonable Woman,” scheduled to drop on May 3 via Atlantic Records. This upcoming release boasts a star-studded lineup of collaborators, promising a diverse and electrifying musical journey. The excitement amplifies with the release of her latest single, “Dance Alone,” featuring the legendary Kylie Minogue, offering fans a glimpse into the vibrant energy pulsating through her upcoming album. While Sia has ventured into various musical projects since her last solo album, “Reasonable Woman” marks a significant milestone, heralding her triumphant return to the forefront of pop music.


3. Lana Del Rey – Lasso


Lana on tour, Pitchfork


Lana Del Rey has unveiled details about her forthcoming album, indicating a significant departure in her musical style. At a pre-Grammy event hosted by Billboard in Los Angeles, Del Rey announced that her upcoming 10th studio album, titled “Lasso,” will embrace a country sound, set to hit shelves in September of this year. Emphasizing the shift, she remarked, “If you can’t already tell by our award winners and our performers, the music business is going country. We’re going country. It’s happening.” Del Rey’s move towards country music comes as a natural progression, evident in her recent activities and collaborations with producer Jack Antonoff.


2. Grimes – Book 1


Grimes reading the Communist Manifesto, rumoured inspiration for Book 1, The Mirror


Grimes, the enigmatic artist known for her innovative music, has recently shared some insights into the progress of her much-anticipated album, ‘Book 1’, with a notable shift in perspective. In a candid update on Twitter, Grimes acknowledged the extended wait for the album, citing “minor legal stuff” as a reason for the delay while openly discussing the challenges of fame and notoriety. Despite expressing gratitude for her fortunate life, Grimes admitted her reluctance to embrace the attention that accompanies an album release, offering fans a glimpse into the intricate dynamics of navigating fame while staying true to one’s artistic integrity and personal values.


1. Charli XCX – Brat


Controversial blured album cover for Brat, Pitchfork


Coming in at number 1, get ready to embrace your inner brat this summer with Charli XCX‘s highly anticipated album, aptly titled “Brat.” Known for her unapologetically bold lyrics and infectious beats, Charli is taking her brattiness to the next level with this upcoming release. Scheduled for a summer drop, “Brat” promises to be Charli’s favorite creation yet, delivering on all the expectations fans have come to adore from the “coolest straight Bri’ish girl who makes music for gay people.” Get ready to dance, pout, and embrace your inner brat with Charli XCX’s “Brat” this summer.


By: Luke Stamps

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