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Taylor Swift Increases Feminine Interest in Football

All About Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl performance

Super Bowl 58 has been the most-watched US broadcast in history. It even surpassed the Apollo 11 moon landing. 

And the reason for that?

Taylor Swift.

It seems like Swift’s relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs’ star tight end Travis Kelce has put a centuries-long male-dominated sport on the map for women of all age ranges.

Let’s begin with the public’s uncanny interest in Taylor’s assistance in Super Bowl 58. Ogilvy’s Instagram social media managers definitely had a field day with it.


Source: @Ogilvy’s Instagram account.


Social media users seemed more concerned with Taylor’s arrival to the game than, you know, by the actual game’s possible results. In the end, Taylor arrived at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday afternoon, just in time for the game, wearing among many stylish options, a custom Stephanie Gottlieb diamond and gold necklace with Kelce’s Number 87 on it.

Of course, Taylor fans and music fans, in general, would be excited to attend the event while simultaneously having the chance to see and be near Taylor, or at least watch her facial expressions whenever the cameras panned to her during the game.


Kelce’s a for the Kansas City Chiefs, won two Super Bowls, and even hosted Saturday Night Live. He was even part of his first major controversy when old comments about ugly girls and fat people resurfaced (Taylor’s fans weren’t pleased with this). Still, it wasn’t until months after he began dating Taylor that he was the recipient by proxy of the so-called “Taylor Swift effect”, allegedly what led to this year’s Super Bowl’s popularity over past ones, which awakened otherwise nonexistent interest in the National Football League (NFL) for women and girls. Its effects have been tangible: it has caused a 20% increase in sponsorships, with NFL viewership increasing a 53% viewership among teenage girls, and a 24% increase in the 18-24 age demographic, as per Al Jazeera. Apex Marketing proposed that the Taylor Swift effect generated an additional $331.5m in brand value for the Chiefs and NFL. Known by scientists as the “Taylor Swift effect”, this pseudo-influencer marketing tactic proposes Taylor as such a popular cultural quintessence that almost anything she dips her toes into, starts trending.


The game was literally nail-biting (Taylor was biting her nails on broadcast), as the San Francisco 49ers and the Chiefs were tied at 19 in overtime, with the Chiefs making a game-winning touchdown at the last minute. Kelce celebrated with his teammates at the victory parade in Kansas City on Wednesday, where Swift was photographed embracing and kissing her boyfriend. 

Contrary to popular belief, Swift has never played at the Super Bowl Half Time show, but she did become the person with the most Album of the Year wins, as of writing.


By: Sebastian Calderon


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