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House of the Dragon finale leaks, HBO outraged

HBO Max’s House of the Dragon has reignited passion for the fictional world of Westeros in ways fans didn’t seem possible after Game of Thrones’ controversial 8th season

With an active viewership nearing 29 million across all platforms and the globe, it’s safe to say that House of the Dragon is a smash hit for HBO Max, and it’s already been renewed for a second season, possibly dropping in 2024.

To put the show’s popularity into perspective, when the network aired the series premiere, the streaming service crashed for moments due to overwhelming demand.

The final episode for the show’s first season aired on October 23, but some fans had already watched it a couple of days prior due to a leak. An HBO spokesperson stated the company was aware of the situation and believed the episode was leaked from a distribution partner in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa.

HBO is no stranger to leaked episodes of the Game of Thrones universe. There’s even an instance of a leaker blackmailing the company for millions during GoT’s original run.

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House of the Dragon @ HBO

Given the important revelations to be expected as part of a season finale, social media became a minefield of spoilers for a while. Twitter was practically impossible to navigate for HoTD fans who’d rather watch the series finale on HBO Max than through the leaks, and there were many victims of spoilers regardless.

The first season of House of the Dragon presented us with the backstory and context behind the Dance of the Dragons, a civil war taking place in the fictional continent of Westeros that tore the realm asunder via dragons and political scheming.

Book fans were aware of what would take place in the season finale, most importantly, which characters of the main cast would die. However, even the most avid bookworms of Fire and Blood were surprised by revelations only the show version could portray.

Fire and Blood, the source material for House of the Dragon, is only a history book. It favors retelling different accounts of the Dance of the Dragon’s civil war in exchange for missing vital characterization and nuances of the personalities of each side of the conflict.

With many fans praising the show’s cinematography, acting, and storytelling, it’s no surprise they tuned in religiously every Sunday for what was once known as the “GoT Sunday.” 

The finale has already aired, and spoiler victims and survivors are desperate for another season and praising the work of Season 1’s production teams, actors, and actresses.

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