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‘The Ultimatum’ Returns With A New Season: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Everyone’s favorite do-or-die dating show is back for another round! The Ultimatum returns to Netflix with an all-new season and an all-new cast- of all queer contestants!

The Ultimatum is the ultimate ‘marry or move on’ dating show. It is the love child of creators and hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey, also the creators of Love Is Blind. The show features contestants who have been in long-term relationships with no end or ring in sight. The contestants of the show are introduced to new potential partners to see what it would be like to be on their own or with other people. And then they get to decide, is it time to marry, or move on? It’s real, it’s raw, it’s reality tv!

While Netflix has been pretty tight-lipped around what’s to come, we do know a few tantalizing details. The show is confirmed to have an all-queer cast and is said to be all women, according to an odd but strangely effective trailer released by Netflix. The trailer is a faux boyband made up of ex-Love Is Blind and Too Hot To Handle members, no doubt in a nod to the show’s creator, ex-boyband 98 Degrees member Nick Lachey. The group in the trailer serenades fans with details about the upcoming season of The Ultimatum. 


So, we know the couples will be new faces, and we also know that the hosts will be unfamiliar faces this season as well. While Nick and Vanessa expressed how much they wanted to be a part of the new season, they also revealed that they would not be able to due to logistical reasons. But the couple assured the public that they would be very pleased with the Season 2 hosts and that they themselves would definitely be returning for Season 3. This also confirms that there will be a Season 3! Thank goodness!

Although it’s still a mega bummer that the dream team Nick and Vanessa won’t be in the Season 2 mix.  But it most likely is for the couple as well as apparently, the Ultimatum holds a special place in their hearts. On the reunion special of Love is Blind Season 2, the couple’s other dating show enterprise,  Vanessa opened up that part of the inspiration for The Ultimatum came from her very own love life with hubby Nick. Vanessa revealed that at one point she and Nick had been dating for five years and both wanted kids but Nick still hadn’t made a commitment move yet.  So Vanessa gave him a little push, in the form of an ultimatum. Time to either marry or move on! Nick, of course, agreed to marry her and the rest as we can see is history. But no wonder the show is so popular, as it clearly resonates with real people, who have similar experiences in their own dating lives.

While we don’t have an exact release date we do know that the last season premiered in April, so it’s possible we can expect a similar time frame with the new season, though we are all crossing our fingers it’s sooner rather than later! We are on the edge of our seats to meet the new couples and see which ones will decide to marry and which ones will be moving on.

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