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I Tried the Remi Bader X Revolve Clothing Line

Here are Chapter Z’s top three picks from the Remi Bader X Revolve Clothing Line

The REMI X REVOLVE collection dropped its second line after nearly selling out the Tik Tok star’s first drop one month ago. Remi Bader, who rose to fame thanks to her realistic fashion hauls on Tik Tok during the pandemic, has been fighting hard in the fashion industry to offer curve models like herself more fashionable and better-fitting clothing. The charismatic content creator brought her trendy sense of style to the Revolve release, marking the online retailer`s first-ever extended-size collaboration. 

Bader also got there in a pretty unconventional way, too – by calling them out on social media. Revolve, formerly famous for brand trips with super skinny influencers in exotic locations, had never branched out to plus sizes. But after successful collabs with Victoria’s Secret Pink, and her publicly posting realistic hauls of their clothing on Instagram, Revolve realized that there is a demand for extended sizing. The REMI X REVOLVE release includes 24 pieces in their sexy, on-the-trend clothing, from sizes XXS-4X. 

“Revolve was immediately open to my feedback which was just an automatic yes for me,” Bader said. Along with her unapologetic and authentic brand voice and some honest feedback from her followers (she has over two million of them on TikTok), she worked to create her debut fashion collection with Revolve.

So, of course, I just had to jump in on the trend and try out a few items for myself. 

Remi Bader X Revolve

@ Revolve

The first thing I picked up was the Ali Faux Leather Corset Top. I wasn’t sure if a vegan leather black corset would be for me (I’m a huge fan of color!), so I was shocked to find out after trying it – I absolutely ADORE this top! It is made from a jet black, faux leather material that is pliable and comfy. The back has a zip-up, so you don’t need to worry about getting a friend to lace up your corset. I sized up one, not knowing how the sizing would work, and it slips on right over my head. When I say that this top goes with anything, I mean anything. Jeans, dress pants, leggings, you name it! So far, I’ve sported mine with jeans and a hot pink skirt from Target. I will also have to try it with some faux leather pants for a monochromatic biker-style look

The next thing I added to my cart from REMI x REVOLVE was the Mikaela Cami Top. This isn’t just any old basic cami top. Instead of those thin spaghetti straps that can be more painful than stylish, this white basic tank features widened straps and some additional bust support. The ruched center makes it flirty and adorable. In all, this white cami top can be worn on its own, or layered underneath a sweater or open-front jacket. Perfectly layering piece for any season.

Revolve cami top

@ Revolve

Last but not least, I picked up the iconic red, one-shoulder Gigi Maxi Dress. If you’re familiar with the REMI x REVOLVE line, you’ve probably seen this stunning dress featured in their ad campaign. What surprised me the most, though, is the material. It impressed me right out of the package. I was so surprised. It is made from a stretchy, sort of slinky-like jersey. The zipper to the dress is conveniently hidden on the side, which I love. Once I tried this dress on, I could see why so many people fell in love with it. It would be flattering on literally anyone! The special material drapes in all the right places, making this evening gown fit for the stars. No matter your body type, you need to try out this dress from REMI x REVOLVE.

Remi Bader X Revolve

@ Revolve

When I placed my order, I was nervous that the quick turnaround might make some fast fashion mistakes. But, knowing how many people love Revolve, I had pretty strong hopes that these items would be amazing. After trying them out for a few weeks, it’s easy to see why the REMI x REVOLVE line has taken the world by storm. Here are 3 reasons you need to check out REMI x REVOLVE.

  • These clothes are flattering for all body types. I don’t know how they pulled this one off, honestly I don’t. But, these pieces would look amazing on anyone and everyone.


  • They are incredibly comfortable. Aside from being flattering for everyone, another thing that makes this clothing line stand out is how comfortable they are.


  • They go well with almost anything. Another thing that impressed me about this line is the wearability of each item. You can mix and match these among each other or wear them with anything else in your closet.
  • Revolve press party

    @ Revolve

So there you have it! I’m utterly impressed with the REMI x REVOLVE line. I not only loved the pieces I got, but I’m proud to support the mission for expanded sizing and acceptability. I cannot recommend these clothes enough. If you’re still feeling curious about any of these pieces, order your favorites before they sell out… again!

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