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Tai Verdes: In Conversation

“I’m gonna be an even bigger problem this year”, Tai Verdes on his upcoming album HDTV.

TV has been HD since the early 2000s, and now so is Tai Verdes. Since releasing his debut album, ‘TV’, last year, the Californian songwriter is ready to step it up a gear with a souped-up second offering, ‘HDTV’.

Due for release later this year, ‘HDTV’ is written and co-produced by Verdes himself. And, with another year of experience to draw from, it promises to be bigger and better than its predecessor.

So, to celebrate HDTV and the album’s recently released single, ‘3 outfits’, Tai Verdes sat down for a chat with Chapter Z. 

Tai VerdesIn Conversation With Tai Verdes

We’ve got to start by talking about the upcoming album. HDTV is due for release in the next few months. Sonically and thematically, how would you say the record compares with your debut album?

On my first album, I picked my favourite songs out of the first 30 I ever made, co-produced and wrote. For this next album, I’m compiling my favourites from about 150 songs I’ve made, co-produced and written. I’ve taken it to the next level. This shit is HD. 

What’s it like putting out a second full-length project? Has the process been starkly different?

I’ve been able to bring my production to a new level. I’m gonna be an even bigger problem this year. This is all a part of the 4-album quadrilogy; it’s all part of the plan.  

Last month, you released ‘LAst dAy oN EaRTh’. The track has such an uplifting sound – could you explain how you felt when you wrote that song?

 The first single off HDTV is ‘Let’s go to Hell’ and the second is “LAst dAy oN EaRTh”. Every song I put out has a meaning; they’re infinite entities. I don’t take that lightly. I just share my thoughts as purely as I can and I don’t think people realize any day could be their last.

How does the rest of the record compare to “LAst dAy oN EaRTh”? Can we expect more tracks like that?

Every track is just a moment, feeling or snapshot. Look at me tryna sound artist as fuck! Honestly, I’m just out here tryna make dope shit.

When people hear HDTV for the first time, how do you hope it makes them feel? What emotions do you want to evoke with the songs? 

I don’t really think about how other people feel. I think about how I feel; that’s how I make my music.

You’re also set to take the album on tour this year. How important is the live aspect for you? In your opinion, what extra dimension does performing/hearing a track live give to a track?

I just try to perform so hard that I pass out. If I think I’m about to toss one on stage, then we’re making progress.

You’ve also recently announced that you’re playing Reading and Leads Festival this summer, which is extremely exciting! As a US artist, how does it feel to be able to play at such a famous festival overseas?

 It’s exciting. Things are happening fast, but it’s all in the plan. I love music more than anything for giving me these opportunities. 

What else have you got planned for the year? What can your listeners expect from you in 2022?

HDTV motherfucker. 

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