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Euphoria S2 Finale Leaves Fans Shocked

The Euphoria finale wrapped up many powerful storylines and the unfortunate death of characters that have been with us since episode one.


Euphoria has already cemented itself as one of the best modern TV shows of all time. Recently, the season 2 finale aired, and to say it left fans shocked would be an understatement.

From this point onwards, spoiler alert!

Many Euphoria fans wondered why Fez didn’t make it to Lexi’s play in the previous episode. Fez announces he’s leaving for the play but is stopped in his tracks by Custer.

Custer is in cahoots with the police to take down Fez and little brother Ashtray for Mouse’s murder, though when Custer begins to talk about Mouse, Faye drops a glass, which promptly shatters on the floor. She puts a finger to her mouth to indicate that Fez should stay quiet. Faye mentions that Laurie was the one who murdered Mouse. Out of the blue, Ashtray stabs Custer in the neck. Fez tells Ashtray that he’ll have to take the fall for the murder, but Ashtray traps himself in the bathroom with firearms and ammo.

Ashtray won’t open the door despite Fez’s pleas to do so. The police burst into the bathroom, and Ash shoots, hitting Fez in the gut and another policeman at close range. Ash is shot off-screen.
This heart-wrenching ordeal happens simultaneously as other events involving other characters do.

Nate Jacobs is a villain that has you in suspense in every scene he shows up and has been wreaking havoc for every central character’s life ever since S1E1. In the finale, Nate dumps Cassie and goes on stage to attack Lexi and pick a fight with a cast member. In turn, Maddy chases Cassie off the stage.

Euphoria Finale

Euphoria Finale © HBO

Maddy and Cassie don’t reconcile, and Maddy tells Cassie that being dumped by Nate is just the beginning.

Rue has made amends with Elliot, but not no one knows what will happen with her and Jules. Once more, Euphoria leaves us on a cliffhanger regarding Rue and Jules’ relationship.

Cal is arrested, and Nate reveals his dad has been having sex with prostitutes since he was eleven. This shock revelation wrapped up a key storyline that has been active since season one.

With so many tragic storylines and characters left hanging like loose threads, it’s as though season 2 is the downer for a more uplifting season 3. However, as this is Euphoria, who knows if there will ever be a happy ending for some characters?

In February, HBO renewed Euphoria for a third season. But, given the gap between seasons 1 and 2, no one’s sure when we’ll see more from our favourite characters.

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