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Alison Hammond Proves Family Can Be Whatever You Want It To Be

Alison Hammond and her gay best friend prove to us all that family can be whatever you want it to be.

Alison Hammond

Alison Hammond © Gareth Cattermole

This Morning’s bubbly host Alison Hammond has revealed that she, her son and her gay best friend live together as one “great, happy family”.

Hammond discussed her family life with This Morning co-host Holly Willoughby on her podcast By the Light of the Moon. She said, “I think I’m really blessed when it comes to family life. If you look at it from the outside, you’d be like, ‘how does that all work?’ I live with my gay best friend Jason; I’ve got Jason’s dog called Bobby, there’s my son and me, and it is such a great family, and we just work so well together. It is just such a good little unit, and I absolutely love my home life situation.

Willoughby pointed out that Hammond has always ‘protected’ her home life by staying in Birmingham, rather than moving to London for the “big, shiny lights of the city“.

Hammond agreed, adding: “You can always see those shiny lights, go and visit those shiny lights, and then you can go home! That’s what I’ve always done, and I quite like the little commute.”

Alison has previously said she would never leave Birmingham, adding that she likes to do “Dead ordinary things” when she’s away from work. “I just dropped my son off at the Snowdome, and that’s more important and more fun than all the partying under the sun. This is who I am. I am a private person in real life but very outward going when I have an audience,” she once told Birmingham Living. She continued, “I love Birmingham; I love everything about it. I would never leave it.”

Hammond admits she could be ‘kinder’ to herself

While Alison Hammond has become the light of morning television with her iconic laugh, she admitted on the podcast that she would sometimes prefer if viewers saw how ‘multi-faceted’ she is. “I’m a human being; there are moments when I’m not always laughing and joking,” she said. “I’ve become Alison, you know, her laugh, she’s so funny. But I’m not always laughing. That’s not me all the time. I’m multi-faceted.

She also admitted: “I could be kinder to myself; I just want to give myself a bit more time. I always give everybody else my time, which I enjoy. But just little things like going out for a walk on my own, Do you know what I mean? I’d just like to spend a bit more time and stop giving my time to everybody else. I need to get better at giving myself some self-love.”

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