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These videos were perfect.

These videos were perfect.


Firstly, I’d like to start with what I believe to be the best music video of 2020. Playboi Carti has an incredibly loyal fanbase who waited patiently for him to release a new project since his debut album ‘Die Lit’ in 2018.


This is one of my favourites because the video fits Carti’s elusive character and the nature of the release. 

It’s on-brand, as they would say. The simplicity of the edit amazes me, too. Sudden blacked out moments only had me wanting to see more of what little we could see of Carti in the first place.


It also stands out because you could reproduce this shoot on a small budget.


Director: Nick Walker. DP: Caleb Seales. Colourist: Brandon Chavez. Photographer: Gunner Stahl.


Location, location, location. As with his previous release, ‘Follow God’ is amazing due to the location it’s filmed in. Supported by clean, wide, and negative space cinematography. It’s hard not to love this video.


And the way it ends with North West screaming the lyrics in real life instead of the official audio version is beautiful. It’s hard to imagine a better treatment for this video.


Creative Direction: Angel Boyd. Director: Jake Schreier. DP: Adam Newport-Berra. Production Company: Park Pictures. Colourist: Matt Osborne/The Mill. VFX: Chris Buongiorno.



If you want to know who Post Malone is, you need not look any further than this music video. It captures Post’s essence in full. This ‘motley crew’ features his close friends and associates in the industry.


This video portrays his love for rock culture, beer and cars. Known for his SFX in music videos, Cole Bennett has taken a more minimalist approach with this, because the theme speaks for itself.


It’s also good to highlight the number of people involved in this production. Music videos are typically undervalued and directors are expected to produce great work on a not so great budget. This is an indicator of how many people is necessary to bring such a video to life.


DP: Brett Arndt. Steadicam: Renard Cheren. Camera Operator: Emaad Elhardouzi. 1st AC: Eric Gauntt. 2nd AC: Kate Ruthenbeck. 1st AC “B Cam”: Dmitry Shorin. 2nd AC “B Cam”: Michael Tursi.

Gaffer: Dimitri Christoforidis. BB Electric: Chris Waldorf. Electric: Chase Erickson. Electric: Brock Kingsland. Key Grip: Stu Brumbaugh. Best Boy Grip: Coda Abatti. Grip: Johnathan Le. Grip: Nelson Nguyen. Grip: Hunter Barnes.

Production Design: Fusina Designs. Lead Man: Carlos Hernandez. Art Coordinator: Asad Khan. Set Dresser: Devin Leary. Set Dresser: Alex Padilla. Art PA: Morgan Moreno. Car Decal Designs: Daniel Keogh. Costume Designer: Rasheeda Ameera & Roper. Costume Head: Char Edwards. Glam: Lanie Edwards. Glam: Alan Gonzalez. Wardrobe Assistant: Jessica Pineda. Wardrobe Intern: Horacio Aguillar.

EP: Dre London. Producer: Erik Mateo, Bobby Greenleaf & Salvatore Tarantino. PM: Brant Kantor. PC: Farrah Greene & Toni Sudimac. Vehicle Coordinator: Sebastian Rodriguez. 1st AD: Erik Mateo. 2nd AD: Anthony Hayward. PA: Malachi Barnes. PA: Edward Cruz. PA: Carlos Salazar. PA: Vivica Price. PA: Janeeth Munoz. Artist PA: Jokari Lowett. Truck PA: Chris Laplante Camera Truck PA: Viko Marley. Balloon Tech: Erik Arendt. Balloon Tech: Robert Clava. DIT: Miko Hughes. COVID Officer: Jonathan January. Flight Head Tech: Michael Pagan. Remote Head/Tech Op: Rodney Sandoval. Camera Car Driver: Robert Campbell Mcilvaine.


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