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Prince Andrew’s Sweat Interview Has Once Again Become Central to His Case

Prince Andrew’s case regarding Virginia Giuffre’s allegations could be resolved by a medical condition of his own, which prevents him from sweating. The case began when in August 2021, Ms. Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew in the US.

She mentioned that she had been abused at British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell’s home. However, in an interview with the BBC, Andrew denied even meeting Giuffre in the first place.

The interview garnered a deluge of negative criticism for Andrew, as many viewers said that he failed to show regret for their victims, prompting him to step away from his royal duties. He mentioned in a statement released in late 2019 that his association with Epstein has disrupted his family’s work and labeled his relationship with Epstein as ‘ill-judged.’

Giuffre is suing the prince, claiming that he sexually assaulted her when she was seventeen years old, while the Duke denies her allegations.

Giuffrane’s allegations mention how Epstein and the convicted Ghislaine Maxwell trafficked her as part of their exploitation and sexual abuse. She was forced to participate in sexual activities with Prince Andrew in London, the US Virgin Islands, and New York. Giuffre claimed that she had sex with Prince Andrew three different times in 2001 and accused Epstein.

Epstein had paid Giuffre $500,000 to end the claim for damages. However, her agreement stated that she couldn’t bring future cases against other potential defendants. On top of that, both Epstein and Giuffree agreed that neither would disclose the deal to other parties unless requested to do so by a court.

Prince Andrew’s lawyer informed Judge Lewis A Kaplan that he could be covered by a deal made in 2009 that his accuser, Virginia Giuffre, made with Jeffrey Epstein.

The agreement doesn’t establish that Prince Andrew by name. His lawyers insist that Ms. Giuffre cannot sue him, though her lawyers contested that in return.

Judge Kaplan employed Tuesday’s hearing to question lawyers for both sides and to inquire if Prince Andrew could use the Epstein-Giuffre settlement to cease the courtroom case.

The royal contested Giuffre’s claim by mentioning that she and the prince were dancing at a London nightclub and that he was sweaty while doing so. However, the prince refuted this recollection of the event, mentioning that he has a specific medical condition preventing him from sweating physically. As per his own words:

“There’s a slight problem with the sweating because I have a peculiar medical condition, which is that I don’t sweat, or I didn’t sweat at the time, and that was—was it—yes, I didn’t sweat at the time—
This has become a central part of his case, considering how Giuffre’s allegations could be dismissed based on this information. The documents mention that the condition is known as anhidrosis. As expected, Prince Andrew was requested to provide medical evidence that confirms that he cannot sweat.

In response to this request, the Duke’s lawyers rejected the request, saying that it is harassing and seeking confidential and private information, irrelevant documents, and immaterial and not reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence.

Prince Andrew is Prince Charles’ younger brother and the Queen’s son.
Jeffrey Epstein was accused of running a circle of sex trafficking, including a circle of girls as young as 14 being taken to his residences, where they’d be abused. Part of his closest circle included US ex-president Donald Trump and Prince Andrew.

On top of that, the prince also mentioned how the day mentioned by Giuffre in her statement he wasn’t present at a London discotheque at night. Instead, he had taken his daughter Beatrice to a Pizza Express restaurant in Surrey. Beatrice was meant to assist to a late-afternoon children’s party, and afterward, the royal was at home with his children all night.

Now, should the accusations be proven authentic, Prince Andrew would be part of modern times’ most tragic and horrifying sexual abuse scandal.

In documents filed to the New York court, his lawyers have also stated that some of the papers requested are available to the public.

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