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Astrology for the Month of January

Astrology for the Month of January



“Let it hurt, let it heal, let it go”- Nikita Gill


28th of December, Jupiter enters Pisces

I’ve gotta give a shout out to Sky Daddy aka Jupiter as he enters the mystic zodiac sign of Pisces the last week of 2021 and will stay swimming in it’s waters til the 10th of May 2022. This transit is one of THE transits of 2022… Why?

The planet of abundance and luck will finally be in its home sign of Pisces, where magic happens. The rose tinted glasses are on and you can’t take them off! This transit can feel like a trip (hopefully a good one).

What can you expect? An overload of creativity and spirituality – festival vibes only.  


2nd of January, New Moon in Capricorn

New Year, new me and a new lunar cycle with this boss babe new moon in Capricorn! I cannot think of a better zodiac sign to kick off the calendar year with.

Whilst Capricorns can get a bad rap for being stubborn workaholics, we can all take a leaf out of their books at the beginning of this year. It’s time to get serious about your New Year’s resolutions and take responsibility for achieving your goals.

We all love a good new moon ritual and charging your crystals but you gotta get your finger out and pull your weight this year. With a focus on career, money and family, we are setting those goals and Capricorns love a high mountain to climb… The views are always the best 


8th of January, Sun conjuncts Venus

Hold strong in your self worth today, you may need it. The sun is shining it’s light on Venus aka the planet of love, beauty and money.

Venus is currently in retrograde so brace yourself for an influx of texts from exes and bad financial decisions coming back to bite you in the ass.

Now is the time to become crystal clear in your intentions moving forward in these areas of your life; don’t fall at the first hurdle, you got this!


10th of January, Mars Squares Neptune

Scammer alert! With the planet of war and action in a stare off with the planet of dreams and illusions stay alert to any misleading messages or scams. Today is not the day to be making any long lasting decisions.


16th of January, Sun Conjunct Pluto

Today some inner demons may come out to play, with the sun conjunction Pluto (named after the God of the Underworld) any secrets or shadows we have been pushing down can come up to the surface. Time to face the music and take a look at any addictive tendencies we normally don’t like looking at.


17th of January, Full moon in Cancer

The first full moon of 2022! Can I speak for everyone when I say 2021 was A YEAR! You deserve to process and acknowledge everything that went down aka surviving another year in this pandemic. The zodiac sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, the moon has a direct effect on the ocean pulling the tide in and out and we are largely made up of water so expect to really feel all the feels of this full moon. When emotions come to surface, all I hope is that you meet them and allow them to flow through you so you can truly let go of last year. Let it hurt, let it heal, let it go. Gentle is the word for this full moon, I want you to be gentle with yourself, incorporate some self care into today where its a comfort meal, kind words of encouragement or a film night…love from your astro mum


23rd of January, Venus Trine Uranus

Rewards are coming your way for stepping out of your comfort zone. I know it’s safe staying in your familiar routine but taking a leap of faith and being open will be rewarded this transit. Especially in your love life, you may feel a pull to try something different or kinky in the bedroom. Uranus is known for flipping tables and rebellion so embody this energy today and light up your inner rebel. You never know you might just enjoy it!


24th of January, Mars enters Capricorn

Slow and steady wins the race! Today is a great time to check in on those actionable steps you set out during the Capricorn new moon. It’s easy to get riled up at the start of a New Year and then lose momentum. Remember this Capricorn energy climbs the mountain putting one foot in front of the other. Take one of those steps today.


28th of January, Mercury Conjuncts Pluto

Today is a good day to sit down and have that conversation you’ve been avoiding…yes you know the one you’re playing out over and over in your mind. Today is the day to let words flow and really get down to the root of any issues that you have been harboring. With mercury our planet of communication conjunct with Pluto the planet of death/ rebirth. This transit supports opening up to yourself and those around you about any deep or intense thoughts. 


29th  of January, Venus goes direct in Capricorn

Can I get a Hallelujah! Venus finally comes out of retrograde and we can expect good news around love and finances. Things start to flow and we are here for it. We are taking responsibility for our money and love life. Looking back on the last few weeks, what ideas/values have changed in these two areas of your life?

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