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Travis Scott Claims He Is Not Liable For Astroworld Lawsuits

Travis Scott Claims He Is Not Liable For Astroworld Lawsuits



Travis Scott (left); Texans pay tribute to dead and injured (right)

The Astroworld tragedy took the music world by storm on November 5, with ten people confirmed dead, hundreds injured and Travis Scott accused of negligence. He has been bashed from Instagram through Reddit for managing the crisis improperly, inciting the riot himself, and being too lukewarm with his reaction after the tragedy.

Most of his detractors were quick to label his offers of paying for families’ funerals as nothing more than PR stunts.

Scott has denied his accusations of negligence in the lawsuits filed against him for his hand in the Astroworld tragedy.


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In the wake of a terrifying concert that left ten people, possibly even more dead, the lawsuits have come one after another to seize accountability from LiveNation, Travis Scott, and other organizers of the concert.

The defendants accuse LiveNation and Scott of being negligent and primarily concerned with making massive sums of money from the concert instead of prioritizing the fans’ safety.

Many have theorized that many more were found dead and not reported to avoid immense media backlash. Given the number of people in the concert vastly exceeding the designated area’s max capacity of fifty thousand and most interviews claiming to have seen several unconscious bodies on concert grounds, it’s almost logical to expect more.

What’s certain is that Scott has been almost unanimously attacked for inciting the rowdy crowd with his tweets by encouraging them to participate in mosh pits.

Unfortunately, many people were trampled during the concert, injuring or knocking them unconscious while everyone tried to escape. Scott’s primary defence is that he found out about the reality of the situation only several hours after the concert. However, the problem wasn’t just his lack of action during the tragedy itself: the concert area’s build-up and organization caused the disaster.

Travis’ performance stage was surrounded by metal fences that only allowed one entrance and one exit in an enclosed space for a massive crowd. Water stations were scarce, and the health emergency staff was understaffed and supposedly lacked experience, as reported by concertgoers on interviews both online and offline.

In summary, they didn’t prepare sensible security measures for the concert despite all these major red flags foreshadowing what would be one of the most well-documented entertainment tragedies of modern times.

Houston attorney James Lassiter expressed his opinions on Scott’s contradicting behaviour:

“While he continues using social media to present a public image of someone who is grieved by the catastrophic loss of life that his actions caused, he is quietly paying celebrity lawyers to argue his victims deserve nothing more than symbolic help with funeral costs.”

Lassiter represents the family of Bharti Shahani and several more concertgoers who were injured. Shahani was a 22-year-old college student who died at Astroworld, prompting Scott to express devastation on social media immediately.

However, it doesn’t seem like these feelings of regret are enough to hold himself accountable for his actions and group.

He has been named defendant in more than 200 lawsuits by the families of injured or deceased victims and even the security guards of Astroworld themselves. Scott faces roughly $3 billion in damages from collective lawsuits.

His attorneys have managed the situation by requesting dismissal from 11 of these lawsuits on December 6. Furthermore, Scott denied accusations of negligence against him. His representative stated that Scott is not legally liable for the tragedy, as have the lawyers of LiveNation, Harris County Sports, ScoreMore, and Convention Corporation.

Scott was pictured on a golf trip with Michael Jordan, Mark Wahlberg, and many other celebrities almost two weeks after the tragedy. Fans accused him of pretending nothing happened as he had barely addressed the disaster on his social media save for protocol apologies and his flimsy proposal of covering funeral costs and offering one month’s free therapy for survivors.

Many families claim that Scott’s supposedly regretful offers are demeaning and only meant to reduce the negative backlash he received and aren’t a transparent way of dealing with a real tragedy. He hasn’t expressed any accountability whatsoever for what was obviously a poorly planned concert that ended up in pain for his fans.

Only time will tell if Scott will face lasting consequences for his actions, or he’ll escape unaffected and hanging out with A-list celebrities as if nothing happened.

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