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Spiderman No Way Home Reviews Are In: Stay For The Credits

Spiderman No Way Home Reviews Are In: Stay For The Credits




With the world falling for Zendaya and Tom Holland’s romance, anticipation for Spiderman: No Way Home was intense. With the world premiere came reviews that could either confirm or deny whether the movie lived up to its hype. The answer seems to be: for the most part, it does.

Social media response was definitely positive, whilst critic reviews were more mixed. According to Nathaniel Brail, No Way Home was “full of emotion and packed with surprises”, elaborating that he can’t wait to see it again with a crowd: “The performance alone makes this something you don’t want to miss.”

Tessa Smith was equally ecstatic, with No Way Home exceeding expectations for her, adding on Twitter: “This movie is worth every excruciating moment we had to wait! The visuals, the score, the heart, the story, the villains…. talk about an EPIC creation. Tears, chills, happiness…”

Critical reception was slightly more variable, with SlashFilm discussing plot holes and The Hollywood Reporter saying it was “the least fun of the Watts/Holland pictures”. However, there was still an overall positive reception from other critics.


“If you poke too many holes in the narrative, Spider-Man: No Way Home starts to become undone. But if you take it at face value, it’s a sweet, moving swing of a Spider-Man film that (mostly) manages to land.”

Den of Geek
“Spider-Man: No Way Home ends a strange year for Marvel on a strong note. While 2021 featured an enjoyable if redundant prequel (Black Widow), a compelling debut for an obscure hero (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings), and an experimental if divisive spectacle featuring even more unknown characters (Eternals), No Way Home channels the entire spectrum of Spider-Man movies while setting the character on a course all his own at last. Make sure you stay for the credits.”

The Guardian
“While it would have been preferable to see a less convoluted plot constructed more from a desire to progress rather than regress, relying on fan service as a driving force, the script is more coherent than it could have been given the many moving parts and is not quite as overstuffed as say Civil War, the third Captain America instalment that also pushed the series from its own world to that of multiple others.
“It’s flawed for sure but still moves with more deftness than most (arriving after Eternals is a blessing for any Marvel film) and there’s an ending that suggests an awareness of its roots (post-credits scene aside), hinting at a promising way forward rather than back. Consider the curse of sorts sort of broken.”

The Hollywood Reporter
“Some of the fan service plays fairly well here; some is unsubtle enough you expect an actor to look into the camera and wink at you after delivering his line. But in the end, No Way Home does use its multiversal mayhem to address the only real problem with the Holland-era webslinger: the Iron Man-ification of the character, in which his already amazing powers keep getting overshadowed by the gadgets given to him by billionaire jerk-hero Tony Stark.
“This is the least fun of the Watts/Holland pictures by a wide margin (intentionally so, to some extent), but it’s a hell of a lot better than the last Spidey threequel, Sam Raimi’s overstuffed and ill-conceived Spider-Man 3.”

The Wrap
“With Spider-Man: No Way Home, the MCU happily (and, mostly, following its own internal logic) careens into kookiness, as it encompasses the previous big-screen manifestations of its web-slinging hero into a single narrative.
“The most super heroic feat on display might be the film’s ability to keep human-sized emotions and relationships front and centre even as the very fabric of time and space twists itself into knots.”

“Spider-Man: No Way Home hits all the right notes as the MCU’s latest entry. Its impact on the universe as a whole, as well as the overall emotional beats, all feel earned. Stellar performances meet what feels like a Saturday morning cartoon rife with all the devastating punches we’ve come to expect from this sneaky universe. Though it struggles with some tired superhero tropes, everything else about it will leave fans grinning ear-to-ear.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home is released in the UK on December 15th and in the US on December 17th.

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