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Top 10 Valorant Skins of 2021

Top 10 Valorant Skins of 2021




Image via Riot Games

Valorant, Riot Games’ insanely popular FPS game is known for having great weapon skins. Of course, Valorant agents with their vibrant personalities and even more impressive abilities are one of the first hooks to the game: but every dedicated Valorant player waits eagerly for more skin bundles to drop!

If you think weapon skins are just a paint job, think again! Valorant is notorious for having some of the coolest skins in the FPS scene, with tangible improvements in the gameplay. 

Skins usually have more detailed bullet tracers and help you see the direction of the bullet better when you’re spraying an enemy. Elderflame, one of the more popular Valorant skins, changes your gun into a dragon!

Riot Games has developed plenty of weapon skins (with phantom skins and vandal skins being the most popular), so here are the Top 10 skins ever released according to popularity and looks!

10. Sakura

Image via Riot Games

This skin is one of the most aesthetically pleasing ones out there. The cherry blossom design makes your classic pistol vibrant and adds a unique touch to your game. 

The Sakura pistol skin is 1275 Valorant points. 


9. BlastX

Image via Riot Games

BlastX is a super nostalgic weapon skin – reminding us of those summers spent chasing each other with water guns. Except these guns don’t shoot water, and can almost fool you into thinking they’re less deadly. 

BlastX is 2175 Valorant Points. 


8. Ion

Image via Riot Games

This futuristic skin was released by Riot Games to look like a sci-fi movie with a good dose of healthy utopian hope and it’s great to have a futuristic weapon that’s not too dark for all the sci-fi Valorant fans out there. 

Ion is 1775 Valorant points. 


7. Prism 2

Image via Riot Games

Prism 2 might have been released for the female Valorant players, but it’s a popular choice across the board. The bright saturated pink looks super cool, but won’t help you in stealth mode.

Prism 2 can be bought for 875 Valorant points. 


6. Glitchpop

Image via Riot Games

We’d go so far as to say that no one can make a top 10 Valorant skins list without including Glitchpop. There are few weapon skins as cool as this one, or as expensive! The entire collection is a whopping 8,700 Valorant points – but is surely worth the money.


5. Reaver

Image via Riot Games

Coming in our Top 5, we have the first stealth weapon skin of the list that doesn’t compromise on looks. Having a Reaver skin on your weapon definitely shows you have class and skill! This lets you stay hidden in the shadows, but has enough of a cool factor to give you a trademark. 

“Become a nightmare”, how could we resist? 

Reaver is 3550 Valorant points at the shop. 


4. Nebula

Image via Riot Games

This has got to be the most aptly named weapon skin. Nebula looks exactly like what you’d imagine it to be – with vibrant pop colors in a dark-washed galactic theme. It’s not a high-end weapon skin either, at 1775 Valorant points. 

It’s so high up on our list because the animation is butter smooth, with plenty of players claiming it improves their aiming.


3. Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster

Image via Riot Games

Speaking of galactic, the Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster (say that three times) looks super cool and shoots rays instead of bullets. You can change them to either blue or red rays and sounds like a Ray Gun.

The entire collection goes for 7,100 Valorant Points. 


2. Prime 2.0 

Image via Riot Games

This Vandal skin is gold and white with a hyper sleek post-modern aesthetic and has some of the best reload animation we’ve seen.

Players can get this one at 1,775 valorant points. 


1. Elderflame

Image via Riot Games


We had to give Rank #1 to the dragons. Elderflame is way too cool with the real dragon design and barrel tones. As one of the most well-known weapon skins, Elderflame is something of a personality statement. 

It’s also the most expensive — at 9,900 Valorant Points for the whole collection. 

Now that you know which weapon skins to buy, check out the most picked Valorant agents in Episode 3 Act 2.

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