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Most Picked Valorant Agents in Episode 3 Act 2

Most Picked Valorant Agents in Episode 3 Act 2


Credit: Riot Games


With the addition of KAY/O to the Valorant agent roster, there are now a total of 16 agents to choose from. Moreover, with more maps and strategies to try out, pick rates of agents have shifted much since the last patch. 

When Episode 3 hit the Valorant landscape, it pretty much reformed it. Most if not all agents received some form of changes, either buffs or debuffs. The game’s economy system also received some overhauls, which players found difficult to adjust to quickly.

The addition of KAY/O provided more opportunities to try new strategies. But, the current ability pool needs severe buffs on some agents to make them playable as mains again. More often than not, players have shifted back to their old mains in the light of current nerfs.

Valorbuff provided us with important stats on draft picks concerning the meta. We also combined the experience of some high-ranked players to provide a list of the most efficient agents to climb ranks quickly based on your playstyle.

Most efficient agents based on Skill Cap and Win-Rate

1. Sage

Source: Riot Games

Sage has the highest pick rate among all agents released to date. Her sub-par win rate is not really a justification for her talents, along with her low-skill cap makes her the best beginner agent for sustained team fights.

Nerfs could not prevent shifting meta picks from Sage. Other than providing a second life, she also has insane potential to crowd control enemy duelists. The Healer meta has been going strong in the past 6 months.

Also, it provides the best option to play utility support if aggression is not an option. Sage’s nerfs made her win rate plummet recently.


2. Reyna

Credit: Riot Games

Reyna’s abilities make her the most insane entry fragger in Valorant. She is one true duelist. Her abilities make her the best option for unfettered aggression and low-rank matchups.

Overheal is not something to sneeze at. If sustained domination is your style, go for the Vampiric Queen.

Her win rate has taken a dive due to a series of nerfs in prior patches. Reyna still holds insane carry potential at every stage of the game.


3. Jett

Credit: Riot Games

Jett is one of the most played agents in Valorant. Since release, she has been the choice of most solo, hard-carry players.

The Korean agility queen is one buff away from becoming the most popular agent. Pub Gods love her mobility and wicked amounts of damage potential.

Though the current patch had left her with unintentional animation nerfs, one of the recent hotfix patches fixed most if not all issues with the Jett Bug. Jett is one of the most-picks in Valorant pro circuits.


4. Sova

Source: Riot Games

A good Sova is another difficult agent to play against. Lining up perfect arrows makes the difference in team fights. Sova’s unparalleled utility makes him Valorant’s most versatile duelist.

If you have not decided on a main yet, you might have better chances with the Russian Hawkeye. His ultimate also has insane damage numbers.


5. Raze

Credit: Riot Games

Raze players are a different breed. Mobility is the key to learning this agent. Reddit has been pumped with videos of players getting multiple kills with its satchel movements.

A good Raze player on the enemy side is always a danger. Every single one of her abilities deals massive damage. Her satchels provide bunny hop opportunities into opponents’ faces.

Raze seems a balanced pick based on her win rate. We are not expecting any changes to this agent for some time.


6. Killjoy

Credit: Riot Games

KIlljoy, with her Lockdown skill, is unarguably the best site defender ability-wise. With current buffs, people started to understand the true status of the German Sentinel.

Killjoy has abilities that are difficult to counter. Her above-par win rate and low skill cap make the agent an ideal choice for beginners to go through ranks before deciding on a main character.


7. Omen

Credit: Riot Games

The hooded assassin is ominous in right hands. Deception and positioning make Omen players impossible to counter in tight lanes and corners.

Omen is a true agent of Chaos. His utter dominance was shattered after the additions of new, more balanced agents to the Valorant drafting pool.

This agent is still a perfect pick for people who like to hunt solo or play visual tricks on their enemies.


8. Viper

Credit: Riot Games

Viper reworks have been amazing. Currently, she has above par win rate, which is better than most agents right now. 

On release, Viper received some flame, owing to her meager damage output. After multiple buffs and reworks, Viper is the most balanced agent in the game as of the moment.

Her win rate is not a proper justification for her ability pool. Unarguably, Viper has one of the most powerful ultimate skills in-game.


9. Skye

Credit: Riot Games

The nature Sentinel is one of the most versatile agents in Valorant. She can sniff out enemy locations and provides a decent alternative healing option to Sage. Her data gathering skill is only matched by Sova. 

Skye is a decent option for entry fragging because of faster flash equipment and release. Even though the animations were nerfed, she is quite a viable option in high-rank matchups.


10. Phoenix

Credit: Riot Games

Phoenix is one of the classic duelists that came with the game launch. Curveball and Run it back skill provides multiple avenues to start as well as end team fights. 

Players started picking KAY/O moreover Phoenix in the current patch. But people turned back to the firestarter, owing to his better ability pool. Also, he can put up more prolonged lane duels.

Phoenix falls behind in win rate compared to Reyna and Jett, but it helps break the monotony in team play and strategy. 

The above stats provide meaningful insights, when it comes to balancing agents, as they provide data points for the game’s health. It is always a trend in MMO games to nerf or rebalance the most picked agents first followed by the least picked ones. Fingers crossed for the next big update which brings Deadeye to Valorant, the 17th agent.

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