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Latest Among Us Update: New Roles, Currencies, And Much More

Latest Among Us Update: New Roles, Currencies, And Much More




Credit: InnerSloth LLC

The brand new Among Us update is around the corner, and several new features are added to the game. This immensely popular game created by InnerSloth LLC tends to nurture around 20,000 players at a single time. After the latest released update, several new roles were added to the game, including both a Scientist and a Guardian Angel.  

Among Us took over the internet at the end of 2020, and since then, around tens of million players have been added to their database. But since the beginning, only two roles were seen on the map- an imposter and crewmates. 

These monotonous roles became a little boring for the players who used to spend hours playing the game. Thinking about the audience, the creators of the game decided to release a new update that contains several new roles that anyone can choose and currencies as well, which we will discuss shortly. 

On November 9, 2021, the game creators released a much-awaited update providing new ways for the players to play the game. The overall environment of the game took a big twist with the update. Now, let’s talk about the updates in detail. 

New Roles Described

Credit: InnerSloth LLC

Previously, there were only two roles that a player could get, either an imposter or crewmates. But with the brand new update, the players get the liberty to opt from the four unique roles: The Scientist, Guardian Angel, Shapeshifter, and Engineer. All these roles are now available in the game, and you can get a taste of it right now. 

Now, let’s talk about the four roles in detail.

The Scientist: This character comes with a unique feature that allows gamers to access their vitals at any point of time. They also get access to a battery-powered tool that can be recharged after completing a particular task.

The Guardian Angel: This character has the power to protect any of the crewmates from any kind of danger that awaits them. All the Guardian Angel has to do is cast a shield, which will automatically protect others, as the name “Guardian Angel” suggests.

The Shapeshifter: This role is specially designed for the imposters. This character has the ability to impersonate any other crewmate present on the map, appearing just as them.

The Engineer: This character has the ability to use vents to travel anywhere on the map whenever the opponent is near you. 


Next Part of the Update: Currencies

The trailer of the latest update focused a lot on the currencies that were to be added to the game. Specifically, these are nothing but Airship Pods and Stars that can be used in the game. 

You can even purchase these with real-life money and later buy items such as cosmetics and bundles. Even the beans can be used to purchase items such as bundles and cosmic cubes. 

These newly added currencies can be used from the Among Us store. Players will now also get the option to go for additional purchases like cosmetics and more. 


Brand New Cosmic Cubes System

Credit: InnerSloth LLC

The November 9th update also included an attractive cosmic cubes system where players can unlock new cosmetic items in various forms of currencies. Just as we explained about the currencies in the above section, players can avail several items from the store ranging from beans, stars, CP, and much more.


What Are The New Changes – Patch Notes

Following are the controller changes that are updated in the latest November 9th update:

  • The main action button now no longer controls the vents. You have to press V on the keyboard to use the them. For controller players, you have to use the right shoulder button.
  • The main action button again no longer controls the sabotage. To access the same, keyboard players have to press the Tab key. On the other hand, controller players have to press the left trigger button.
  • PC players need to press the F key in order to access the special role that’s created by them. Meanwhile, the controller players have to press the right trigger button. (Note: This feature also includes the Engineer’s vent controlling ability.)

This was all for the latest update released for Among Us that included the new roles and currencies for the players to avail themselves of. This new update is already live on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. If you want to read about Valorant agents, then do not forget to check out our gaming section.

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