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Alan Carr Sings At An Audience With Adele After She Breaks Down

Alan Carr Sings At An Audience With Adele After She Breaks Down



Images via ITV

Adele broke down in tears during the celebrity Q&A during her exclusive televised performance, which led to comedian and friend Alan Carr having to step in.

While singing a set of songs during her An Audience With programme for ITV, Adele broke down in tears when she was surprised by an old face that she hadn’t seen in year

Adele was typically candid when faced with questions from fellow celebrities at her An Audience With show, which marked the British singer’s first live UK performance in four years, was filmed earlier this month and broadcast by ITV on Sunday 21 November.

“Play make you feel my love and get Alan to sing it” Adele said in a rush, as she handed over the mic to Alan to take over after a emotional breakdown on stage.

Alan burst out into song when Adele left the stage, while the audience roared with laughter and people watching at home were in hysterics.

The 44-year-old comedian has a long-established friendship with 33-year-old music sensation Adele – with the singer even getting ordained so she could officiate over Alan’s wedding to husband Paul Drayton.

The British singer has been making rounds on social media after the Album 30 was released which is a reflection of her personal and professional journey, her music mostly revolves around a failed marriage that transformed her as a person .

Adele gave the audience other memorable moments during the show as she stopped and started again during the performance of her song “Easy on me”.

Recently in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the singer revealed that her music is now truly reflecting the person she has become.

Adele has also spoken of a long battle with anxiety (ameliorated by a tough exercise regime) and how her intention on these 12 songs was to explain things to her son, Angelo, whose questions crop up on the record

But a new producer moves 30 on from previous Adele works. Joining the record’s big names – Greg Kurstin, Shellback and returnee Tobias Jesso Jr – is fellow Londoner Dean Josiah “Inflo” Cover, whose recent hot streak includes several odd-number-themed albums with his own terrific outfit, Sault, plus albums by Michael Kiwanuka and Little Simz.

In her conversation with Vogue, Adele mentioned that COVID took an emotional toll. Adele responds that much of the emotional stuff her friends went through, she’d gone through the year before, in the middle of her divorce. Adele was married to the charity executive Simon Konecki for two years. Everyone had to face a lot of their demons, because they had so much time on their hands with nothing to distract them,” she says. “They had to face themselves in isolation.”

Adele also didn’t miss a chance on taking a dig at her Exes. Replying to Alan Carr who quizzed Adele on the show, saying: “Famously you write songs about your exes. If your exes wrote a song about you, what would it be called, and what would it sound like?”

She cackled: “I can’t imagine any of them would really be able to do it, because most of them, like, couldn’t even do a normal daily task.”

For now, Adele can be seen to be breaking out of her comfort zone and speaking up more about her personal life more than ever, apart from her music, she can be seen openly commenting on questions around her life that shaped her as a different person.

According  to the Mirror, Adele is now in a relationship with sports agent Rich Paul, 39 – who she described to Vogue earlier this year as: “Great. He’s so f**kng funny. He’s so smart, you know.”

She added: “I don’t feel anxious or nervous or frazzled. It’s quite the opposite.”

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