Top 6 Terrifying Games to Stream this Halloween

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Top 6 Terrifying Games to Stream this Halloween

Top games to stream on Twitch this Halloween to put a little bit of ooky spooky into your gaming time!

Want to have an adrenaline rush? What’s better than a terrifying horror game?

When the nights are cosy, the moon is high, lights are dimmed, and you are alone, nothing beats streaming horror games on Twitch. 

Although there is no shortage of titles to enjoy, the best games to stream on Twitch offer an unending list filled with developed terrors and AAA fright fests of varying qualities. 

Without wasting much time deciding what to stream, it is best to focus on those that come highly rated to help you from scrolling through pages of games until your mind shatters and you are left muttering some chant that is sure to summon the great old one.

So, to make your Halloween horrifying, we have put together the list of scariest horror you can find to stream on Twitch this Halloween. Let us get into the hood of modernity and find out: Are you afraid of the dark?

top 6 halloween games
Image via: The Indie Stone


Phasmophobia is a four-player psychological, horror co-op game developed by Kinetic games. It came out on September 18th, 2021, with an overwhelmingly positive review. 

The detail, atmosphere, audio cues, and everything about this game are adorable. Overall, it is a stunning game, especially when you have friends with you. So, paranormal activity is at its peak in the game, and it is up to you and your team to use all the ghost-turning equipment at your destruction and collect the maximum evidence you can.

Not to forget, with its first anniversary, Phasmophobia has done several updates, including an offline single-player mode.

top halloween games
Image via: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight takes place in an alternate universe where it has been known only as of the entity that has pulled the most notorious and evil killers into its dimensions.

Developed by Behaviour Interactive, it is a multiplayer survival horror game. The game is played by five members which include one killer versus four survivors. One player plays the role of a ferocious wild killer, and the other four players are survivors whose only mission is to escape to avoid being caught and killed. 

Survivors play in third-person and have the better situational awareness benefit. They try to run and escape while the murderer needs to grab them and sacrifice their souls to its pointy tentacle demon god thing. The killer plays in the first person and is more focused on their prey.

At the time of its release in 2016, it looked like a buggy mess. But, since then, the developers have done great modifications, which turned the game upside down. From the addition of new characters to fixing the game, they have done quite a lot of rework.

Image via: Behaviour Interactive


Outlast is an Indie game developed by Red Barrels. It is a first-person survival horror game, and we are pretty sure you must have probably heard about this game from a million different play channels watching them scream out in terror.

Outlast is a one in a kind of horror game that gives you nothing else than the sheer experience of horror and anxiety. The only focus is the story and the horror environment. You have no weapons and no means to defend yourself. All you can do is run away or hide from enemies you encounter.

Released in 2013, Outlast has held up so much over the years that it is worth picking up for a first-time player in 2021 as well. This game has an analytical kind of look as it sets a gold standard for the modern survival horror genre.

So if you want to experience being a hopeless prey trapped in a confined space where everything wants to hunt and kill you, get your hands on Outlast.

top halloween games
Image via: Crytek

Hunt Shutdown

If you have not been eager for a while, then Hunt Shutdown is for you.

The core idea behind Hunt Shutdown is gold. You will play as a hunter thrown into the 19th Century Gothic Swamplands of Louisiana.

The game begins when you enter a map either solo or with up to two team members to find your target, take it out and escape with an item they drop to claim their bounty. In each match, there will be around twelve players and plenty of AI-controlled lesser monsters. 

These monsters include zombies, pounds, emulators, leeches, and more. Players need to fight their way from these lesser monsters and find clues to the monster’s location. Overall, Hunt Shutdown is a breath-taking game. From astounding sound design to the atmosphere and the gritty gunfights in between, it all wraps up into one neat little game.

Image via: The Indie Stone

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a hardcore zombie survival game that prides itself on difficulty and learning from your mistakes. It asks a simple question. How will you die? It’s not a survival game, so at some point, you will die. As simple as that. So, the only question it asks is how long you survive?

Developed by the Indie game, the game entered early access in 2013, and eight years later, the game is still in development. The game offers a solo as well as an online multiplayer option.

It takes place in a variety of post-apocalyptic maps where zombies rule the roost. You play as a custom-built survivor with your task of surviving as long as you can. Side by side, you have to manage a lot of other things such as your hunger wounds, sleep strength knowledge, and much more.

Project Zomboid is the king of hard stars, and it will take you multiple attempts to survive longer than a few days. Remember, no help is coming. Your continued survival relies on your cunning luck and ability to evade a relentless horde.

Wrapping Up

Halloween would be incomplete without streaming a spooky game. So, we hope our recommendations will fit your tastes, and you will enjoy your spooky Halloween with terrifying gameplay.

So, turn off the lights, call your friends, and have some thrill streaming these spookiest games that will make you scream your head off. 

Not to forget: Close all the doors before you go to sleep.

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