Tech Otakus Save The World


Tech Otakus Save The World

In this article, I’m only going to focus on my personal gaming experience and why I haven’t missed a day since the game’s launch in October 2020.

Genshin Impact is a role-playing game. At first glance, the world of Teyvat is heavily inspired by Nintendo’s Zelda, Breath of the Wild. However, after a couple of hours of playing, you quickly realise how different the game is.

Firstly, I’d like to start by stating this is a gacha game. Until Genshin, I had never played a gacha game before. So, for those unfamiliar – it’s essentially a gaming mechanic that is similar to a toy vending machine. In Genshin, you earn Primogems to Wish for characters or weapons, but they’re given to you at random. Not to mention most of these characters and weapons are only available for a limited amount of time.

This luck-of-the-draw aspect is kind of dangerous since it can encourage you to spend actual money to gain more Primogems to get the characters/weapons you want. And like most gacha games, this aspect is highly criticized because it preys on people with gambling addictions.

However, with that being said. Genshin Impact is actually a FREE game, available on PC, Playstation, Mobile and is coming to Nintendo Switch at some point in the future!

You don’t need to spend money to get characters or weapons since the game provides you with Primogems, characters and weapons when you complete certain quests, events and achievements. Genshin is predominately a community of F2P (free 2 play) players with a few light spenders and even fewer Whales (big spenders).

Mtashed, a Genshin Impact content creator, made a video stating why you don’t need to spend money on the game and has since created a new account called F2PGod where he hasn’t spent any money to show that you can still complete everything in the game and have fun.

We’ve addressed the “doom and gloom”. Now, let me tell you why I play Genshin Impact every single day.


If you recall, I mentioned I log in every day to complete my daily commissions. That is because Genshin gifts you 60 Primogems every day after you complete these small quests. This doesn’t take long to do, and if you’re a F2P or low spender like myself, you’ll take every opportunity to stack some free Primogems.

MiHoYo: Genshin Impact.

New Updates

Genshin Impact is currently an incomplete game. A little backstory on the world of Teyvat. It’s split into 7 Regions. Its Archon rules each Region. These 7 Archons represent Elemental Abilities: Anemo, Geo, Electro, Cryo, Pyro, Hydro and Dendro.

Since Genshin’s launch, we have only had access to 2 Regions, Mondstadt belonging to the Anemo Archon and Liyue belonging to the Geo Archon.

Each region embodies an Archon’s ideology – Mondstadt is the city of Freedom, and Liyue is the city of Contracts. In addition, MiHoYo pays a lot of attention to the game’s lore and storylines, making exploration feel much more rewarding.

Because the game is incomplete, Genshin has updates every 6 weeks. They introduce new gaming mechanics such as their Housing System, inspired by Animal Crossing, mini-games and new story quests, characters and weapons for you to wish on and build your teams.

As of July 21st, we have just received a new Region, Inazuma, belonging to the Electro Archon.

Long story short, there is always something to do in Genshin, explore the open world, complete mini-games and quests, farm and design your house or complete domain challenges to strengthen your team.

In my next article, I’ll dive more into the gaming mechanics and Genshin Impact community.