Astrology for the Month of July: “Cosmic Crabs”

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Astrology for the month of July

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9th of July: New Moon in Cancer

This is the first new moon after a hectic eclipse season, so let’s take a moment to ground down and soak up those moon beams. The new moon is a time to plant seeds of intention for a new beginning in your life. Cancer is the cosmic crab of the zodiac and is associated with the home, family, deep intuition and self-nurturing. This new moon we are reclaiming our boundaries and drinking those 2 litres of water a day (if we are coming out of this pandemic with anything it’s going to be flawless skin). Pull up your birth chart at to see where Cancer is in your chart and what house it rules – this is a good indicator on where in your life this new moon will be felt the most. 

Overall themes of this new moon are the home and family so if you have been feeling called to set some healthy boundaries with your loved ones now is a good time to start practicing saying no. Yes, it’s a full sentence. This is also a beautiful time to sit and reflect on areas you want to reparent yourself and self-source those feelings of unconditional love and security because as Ru Paul says, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”. Take the time to ask yourself “Where do I need to come out of my shell?”, “What is one thing I could do more of for myself?”. New moons can be felt for a day and half before and after the official date, so if you are looking for ways to work with the moon try: taking a bath with Epsom salts, putting your feet in the earth and taking some deep breaths, journaling or having a little new moon ceremony.

11th of July: Mercury Enters Cancer 

Mercury is the planet of communication and today it enters watery Cancer. We may be struggling to communicate what we are feeling clearly. Just like the zodiac image of a crab, Cancer can have a problem with facing a person/ situation head on. Be aware of shuffling side to side or being passive aggressive in your conversations around this time. Rip the plaster off and have that conversation that you’ve been avoiding.

13th of July: Venus Conjunct Mars 

Today is a day to keep a lookout for who crosses your path. In this rare alignment we see two opposite energies come together in unity. Venus the planet of love and beauty & Mars the planet of war and action. Venus and Mars are perfect examples of the balanced yin and yang energies we want in our relationships. So keep your eyes and heart open to anyone new who walks into your life.

15th of July: Chiron Retrograde

Chiron is known as the wounded healer, it’s icon is similar to a key and where you have Chiron in your chart is where you may have some unconscious wounds that when addressed can help unlock a deeper understanding and connection to yourself. Chiron begins it’s retrograde today until the 19th of December. Now is a great time to look back at wounds, trauma or issues you were unable to address in the past. Be gentle with yourself, these wounds aren’t check boxes to tick for the sake of being “perfect”. It’s a time to gain a deeper understanding and wisdom that the wound has left with us.

21st of July: Venus enters Virgo 

Venus the planet of love and beauty enters the detail-oriented Virgo. Venus in Virgo teaches us love doesn’t always have to be big grand gestures, sometimes it’s the small daily things like a cup of coffee in the morning or a little text telling someone you’re thinking of them. Take a look at where you can weave some small acts of love and beauty into your daily life, kindness is free so spread it around. 

22nd of July: Sun enters Leo 

Time to go big or go home, Leo season is here! After being in our feels during Cancer season it’s time to put your best foot forward and strut your stuff. We are fully rested and ready to get back out into the world whether it’s dipping your toes back into a creative project or fanning a romantic flame. Time to take inspired action and be bold in the way you take up space in the world.

23rd of July: Full Moon in Aquarius

This is a special full moon as we will get a second full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd of August this year (very rare to have two full moons in the same zodiac sign one after another). Pay attention to what comes to light around this full moon as it will be a recurring theme for you in August. Aquarius is here to set the trends not follow them, the theme for this full moon is transformation, humanitarian work and rebellion. 

Do you sometimes notice yourself wearing a mask or dimming your light in order to fit in? We all go through phases of feeling like the odd one out but it’s important to stay authentic to yourself and get comfortable with being outside of your comfort zone. You are most definitely supported in releasing any feelings of shame or “not good enough” around this full moon.  Nothing stays the same so let’s embrace the changes that come along with this full moon, expect on a collective level challenging the rhetoric “things have always been done this way”. If you’re new to working with the full moon and want some ideas try some breath work and journaling around what you want to release. If it’s safe, write it on a piece of paper and let it burn.

28th of July: Jupiter Retrograde enters Aquarius 

The largest planet in our solar system Jupiter (aka Sky Daddy) is in retrograde from the 28th of July in the zodiac sign Aquarius. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and luck, when retrograding it asks us to take time to look inward at our personal growth and if we are happy with how and where we are expanding and taking more on in our lives. Aquarius is all about the “we” rather than the “me” so this is a great time to review your relationship with your local community and the larger collective. Retrogrades can get a bad reputation of being all doom and gloom but they are key moments where we take a pause and reassess before plough on.

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