Boiler Room Announces a Trio of Festivals in London, New York City and Barcelona


Boiler Room Announces a Trio of Festivals in London, New York City and Barcelona

Despite the UK lockdown being pushed back by another month, Boiler Room announces a trio of festivals in London, New York City and Barcelona later in 2021 — an evolution of its stand-out debut edition in 2019, supported by Absolut, Ballantine’s, Beefeater & Jameson.

This triad of events continue to deliver Boiler Room’s core mission: giving as much space to emerging artists as established names. No headliners.

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The different festival event dates are as follows:

New York City — 10 September

Boiler Room Festival commences in New York City on Friday 10 September with a day-into-night takeover in Brooklyn. The programme will feature some of NYC’s most vital artists, DJs and collectives, alongside special guest live performances and a video installation commissioned by 4:3 — Boiler Room’s platform for underground film.


London — 13 – 16 October

From Wednesday 13 to Saturday 16 October, Boiler Room Festival returns to London following its stand-out debut edition in 2019. The ambitious programme will unfold over four nights, shifting focus to explore four scenes and sounds: Jazz Mind, Rap Fantasy, System Sound, Club.

Wednesday kicks things off with live music and jazz-influenced sounds whilst Thursday brings together the varying styles of rap and mic culture under one roof; both days held at South London’s Bussey Building. The festival then moves to Northern twilight zone The Cause for sound system clashes and forward-facing club music on Friday and Saturday nights respectively.


Barcelona — 26 – 27 November

Staged over two nights—26 – 27 November, Boiler Room Festival Barcelona will feature the city’s most essential artists, DJs and collectives – as well as special guest live performances and video installations.

boiler room

Wed 13 Oct

Jazz Mind



Zakia curates

4:3 x HOME by Ronan Mckenzie

boiler room

Thu 14 Oct

Rap Fantasy


Elevation Meditation


4:3 x Risky Roadz

boiler room

Fri 15 Oct

System Sound

30 Years of Kool FM

Jamz Supernova curates

Rupture LDN x Future Retro London

Black Junglist Alliance

4:3 x Nyege Nyege

boiler room

Sat 16 Oct



FILTH x Pxssy Palace

Weirdcore AV experience

4:3 x Limitrofe Television

Pre-sale tickets for London go live on Thursday 10 June at 10am.

Full line up TBA.