WWF Eco-Art ‘Just Imagine’ Event Launches Today And You Don’t Want To Miss It


WWF Eco-Art ‘Just Imagine’ Event Launches Today And You Don’t Want To Miss It

by Chapter Z Editorial

We’ve been eagerly counting down the days until the big event since WWF announced that they were showcasing the winning artists from their Just Imagine competition today! Now, we all love an exhibition and when it’s got an environmentally friendly twist we are salivating to say the least. Going live at 6pm tonight, you better get your FREE tickets asap!

Just Imagine is the WWF’s first national art competition and what better cause to get the ball rolling than the aim to spark conversations about the solutions to the climate and nature crisis and drive positive change through art. Winning artists were those that best portrayed a future in which nature was at the heart of our decisions as a society. The result is a stunning selection of artwork that includes visualisations of plays on words and interpretations of an urban future that intertwines the natural and industrial worlds.

In the wake of the release of several documentaries over the past few years that tackle the subject of climate change, such as huge hit film David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, conversation around doing our bit to save the environment has been more poignant than ever. With elements of ordinary life, like traveling to work in private transport, eating meat and fish, and filling your wardrobe with fast-fashion brands becoming increasingly clear as damaging to the environment, people are becoming more and more aware of ways that they can change their habits to save the environment.

climate change - chapter z
climate change - chapter z

Judges of the competition included award-winning graphic designer Greg Bunbury; painter, poet, environmentalist and Honorary President of the Black Environment Network (BEN) Judy Ling Wong; and award-winning furniture designer Stacie Woolsey. Over 600 submissions were reviewed by the judges before 50 works made it onto the shortlist. 12 winners were selected for their vision and creative use of medium, from watercolour and embroidery, to digitally created artworks and are now being shown in this digital exhibition today. Winning artists come from regions across the UK, including Cumbria, Devon and London. While the winning pieces vary in their form and medium, together they make a cohesive collection of art that reflects the WWF’s desire to create a world in which nature is thriving alongside humans.

The 12 winners of the Just Imagine competition are: 

Alfie Bryan – Derby

Amber Young – Scottish Borders

Amy Zara Preston – Hull

Andrew Bristow – Merseyside

Bethan Yip – Greater London

Donna McLuskie – Cambridge

Ismay Alice Wells – Cambridge

Jack Cowley – Oxford

Leo Michael Crane – London

Mabel Cheung Harris – Devon

Natalie Ellis – Wiltshire

Sophie Sidhu – Derby

Self-taught artist Bethan Yip, one of the winners of the competition, whose work was titled ‘A Brighter Future’, responded to the brief with the idea that “change is a slow and intricate process”. For her winning entry, Bethan worked in digital format to imagine a future not dissimilar to WWF’s – but “brighter overall”. This is the optimistic spirit that WWF want to perpetuate with the work from this competition and the exhibition has been curated online, despite the pandemic, to keep this spirit alive.

Andrea van den Hoek Mejias is the one who spearheaded this curation. She is an Art Business Consultant and Project Manager, with over 6 years of experience working in the art world, both in Australia and England. Andrea has worked alongside established and up-and-coming art galleries in London and has also project managed several artist residencies and exhibitions. Curating a digital exhibition presents its own host of challenges and Andrea’s hard work is finally coming to fruition today.

wwf - chapter z

Exhibition Example Shot: Courtesy of WWF

As we already told y’all, if you haven’t signed up to the event then pull your socks up, take a break from Tik Tok for 2 minutes and sign up. Support these artists and the message that they’re amplifying! Sign up HERE for FREE.