British Fashion Council Launches Project To Celebrate Unsung Heroes in Fashion

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British Fashion Council Launches Project To Celebrate Unsung Heroes in Fashion

By Chapter Z Editorial

Today, the British Fashion Council (BFC) announces the launch of The BFC Changemakers Prize in Partnership with Swarovski, a new project which aims to discover and celebrate individuals within the fashion industry; the unsung stars who go above and beyond, making outstanding contributions and striving for positive change.

Far too often hard-working people in the fashion industry go unnoticed while the big-name designers and owners bask in the spotlight. Many garment constructors will work crazy hours to then be given little to no named credit for their pieces, as they get lost in the foray of single-name fashion house brands.

Bearing this in mind, the 2021 BFC Changemakers Prize in Partnership with Swarovski has been stated. It is open to anyone working in the fashion industry—initially in the UK—and focuses on celebrating individuals and championing inclusivity and innovative thinking. Entrants will be nominated by colleagues, peers, businesses, and employers in recognition of outstanding work that aligns with one of the three pillars of the BFC’s Institute of Positive Fashion (IPF): Environment, People or Craftsmanship and Community.

Nominations open today and more information on criteria and entry forms can be found here.

Swarovski has partnered with the BFC for the project and say they are committed to championing individuals in the creative industries who create impact and want to celebrate the fashion industry’s hidden heroes. This is a wonderful project for the industry, as far too many hard workers go without their work being recognised. As Caroline Rush, Chief Executive BFC says: “We often talk about the 890,000 people our industry employs and I am thrilled to discover some of their stories and hear their achievements. From the shop floor and the studios, to the manufacturers and head offices, we are searching across the country for anyone, regardless of their job title, to find out who has contributed through their work in creating an industry which we are all so proud to be a part of.

The judging panel is made up of a number of inspiring, high-profile individuals from the fashion and creative industries. Some of them may be within the realms of knowledge for you fashionistas out there, but for those who don’t keep up to date with the ins and outs of the industry, here are the judges:

Caroline Rush (BFC Chief Executive) 

Giovanna Engelbert (Swarovski Creative Director)

Edward Enninful (Editor-In-Chief, British Vogue)

Farrah Storr (Editor-In-Chief, ELLE UK)

Ib Kamara (Editor-In-Chief, Dazed)

Jo Ellison (Editor, How to Spend It & Deputy Editor, FT Weekend)

Lily Cole (Model & Activist)

Munroe Bergdorf (Model & Activist)

Tan France (Fashion Television Personality)

Nine finalists will be selected and three candidates will win. The three winners will be positioned as future industry trailblazers, will receive a mentorship package that offers support to continue their good work within the industry and a cash prize.

The BFC Changemakers Programme is open to all 890,000 people working in the fashion industry, which stands for 2.6% of UK employment. From textiles and manufacturing to merchandising and retail, these are the people who are fundamental to igniting positive change in the fashion industry and who can inspire a nationwide call to action.

Nominations will close on Tuesday 11th May with the nine finalists announced in May and the three ultimate winners in July.

Visit the website HERE for more information.

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