Meet Our New Editor-in-Chief

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Meet our new Editor-in-chief: Rachel Ayeh-Datey

Our new Editor-in-chief Rachel has taken over our Instagram story today and has shared some of her favourite artists, podcasts & music. Now we have a short profile on her to find out more about her background, interests & hopes for Chapter Z.

What is your background?


First and foremost, I’m a writer. I love telling stories and communicating with people. Being queer and Black informs a lot of my thinking and interests. I’ve also worked in different advertising agencies for the past few years as a researcher and strategist. Conveying interesting narratives through the digital space is a passion of mine. 


What does diversity & inclusion look like to you? 


Making it easy for all people to show up in the fullness of themselves is what diversity & inclusion means to me. To be blunt, I hate struggling. I absolutely hate it. I really want to create a world where Black people, Queer people, Femmes, Disabled people (all people whose lives are made harder by systems they did not create) can effortlessly exist in their power. It sounds really big and idealistic but I would love to fully break the glass ceiling. Obliterate it. With Chapter Z, I want to hold space for the lived experiences of both the readers and creators. I want people to breathe a little easier after reading one of our articles because they know that they aren’t alone. We all just want to exist in peace. That shouldn’t be a radical idea but existing in the world that we do, peace is so hard to come by.

What are some of your favourite pieces of media?


I’m a really big fan of podcasts, especially podcasts run by Black women.


Two Twos

Two Twos podcast is run by 2 Black British queer women – Rose & Nana. I had the pleasure of interviewing them last year and honestly, I’m such a fan of their content. They aim to bridge the gap between straight people and the LGBTQ+ community. They have amazing guests and speak about a range of subjects from colourism to being queer and Christian.

Say Your Mind 

Say Your Mind is run by Kelechi Okafor. Kelechi is just an absolute powerhouse! She just has a way with words. Her funny, witty social commentary always resonates with me. She is also very spiritual and does insightful tarot readings at the beginning of each podcast which is really unique. Her younger brother Sadiq, sometimes co-hosts with her and their dynamic is just a delight.

What can readers expect from Chapter Z in 2021?


I’m really excited about all the amazing content we have planned for Chapter Z this year. We are working with so many new young writers on a range of topics. I’m really looking forward to nurturing young writers and giving their amazing stories a platform. We will also be showcasing many community organisations that deserve more recognition for the work they do. As a person, I’m really community-focused and truly believe in the power of strength in numbers. Chapter Z is going to continue amplifying voices of marginalised people and strive to make our content as accessible as possible.


If you have any ideas for Chapter Z that you would like to pitch, feel free to email Rachel –