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They can be anyone they want.

A style story.

Model // Regal Jason

Everyone seems to fit into a category until you're black, male / male-appearing and femme.
Well if we don't fit into those categories - forget them.
I don't need a category definition on any app or in any gay bar to be seen or feel seen.
I make my own rules.
My body is mine. - Zolita

Dress // Stylist's Own
Dress // Stylist's Own
Clothing // Stylist / Model's Own
Jean Paul Gaultier Vest, Georgios Trochopolous Dress & Knit Top
Molly Goddard Dress, Sammy Cullis Picnic Top (in hair)
Grete Henriette Dress & Sleeves; Erdem Velvet
calmzulu & Ola Awosika
Image by Jimmy O'Neill & David Oldenburg
Makeup by Shamirah Sairally

No Humans or Deities were harmed in the making of this story.