Holiday At Home

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Holiday At Home

Go anywhere. Do anything. The possibilities are endless (with a good edit) 

A style story.

Models // Christopher & Prince @ PBM; Seyon & Ade

Without Deep Reflection, One Knows From Daily Life That One Exists For Other People.
- Albert Einstein

Alma Rosaz is a fashion and portrait photographer based in London. Her practice explores the artistic and kitsch sides of fashion photography. Currently focusing on colourful distorted portraits, they touch on cultures clashing, gender performance and gender identity. Having lived in many countries including Nigeria, Norway and Indonesia, and being the daughter of a painter, she gained a visual education and developed an appreciation for all sorts of arts, colours and cultures.

Her most recent clients include Adidas, Daily Paper, Jaded London, The Ragged Priest, Underground, and Wonderland Magazine.

Christopher @ PBM
Prince @ PBM
Ade & Seyon
Makeup // Francesca Daniella; Set Design // Liam Chong
Prince @ PBM
Christopher @ PBM

No Humans or Deities were harmed in the making of this story.

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